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Topic: looking for screens (16 msgs / 336 lines)
1) From: jim gundlach
I've been trying to get to the McMaster-Carr page to see what they have 
in the way of screens but I can't seem to get the first page to load.  
If someone is playing around this evening and you have a fast 
connection could you check to see if you can get into their site and 
see if they have some?
   Jim Gundlach
On Friday, October 25, 2002, at 02:53 PM, EskWIRED wrote:
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2) From: Steve Wall
I think this is what we're looking for: 
but it wouldn't be cheap (~$100 for a 3" dia, 2 screen setup).
Steve Wall
On Friday, October 25, 2002, at 10:15 PM, jim gundlach wrote:
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3) From: Ken Mary
Screening is particle size and time dependent. The probability of a particle
(smaller than the screen opening) passing through the screen increases with
time. It may take 10 seconds to grind but several minutes to screen
depending on how narrow a size range you want to achieve. And that assumes
the grounds do not clump together or stick to the screen. I see no problem
with occasional testing, but doing this several times a day as a procedure
for each brew would get boring after a while. Then there is maintenance,
washing and brushing to clear the openings.
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4) From: dewardh
I knew there was a reason I put those air/gas/vac/cold water/dry nitrogen barbs 
behind the sink when I remodeled the kitchen . . . (actually, I exaggerate . . 
.. I only have Vac and CW at the moment (I deleted the gas barb/valve when I 
re-plumbed a new water heater some years ago), but there is still room for Air, 
and etc. ).
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5) From: Jim Karavias
I was able to get onto their site and found that they had quite a complete
selection of brass and stainless steel testing sieves.  The finest mesh
seems to be 325m or .045mm. They have 3, 8 and 12" diameter at 1,2,4,8"
depth.  And they have a compact sieve shaker for 3" diameter sieves for
Jim Karavias

6) From: Jim Karavias
I'd agree.  That why I think the idea is to get Mark over at coffeeGeek.com
to do the testing using this sort of setup.
Jim Karavias

7) From: Mark Prince
At 12:41 PM 28/10/2002, you wrote:
I'm a bit behind on my homeroast mailing list reading... what do you want 
me to test?
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8) From: jim gundlach
On Sunday, November 3, 2002, at 04:31 PM, Mark Prince wrote:
I'm putting together a cheap set of screens to check the size and the 
distribution of the grains by size of ground coffee produced by 
different grinders.   I forget who suggested you should have a set.
Jim Gundlach
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9) From: Jim Karavias
Hi Mark,
I thought you might be interested in testing grinders for consistency of
grind using a standard set of mesh sieves.  The apparatus for doing it is
expensive if purchased but I thought it might be worth it to someone like
you that does frequent equipment reviews.  Others on the list have found
sources for standard mesh sheets that can be used to make a set of testing
sieves but they would have to shake them by hand and it would be difficult
to shake with the same force across tests.
Here's a link i just plucked from Google.  It looks like it gives a good
explanation of the equipment:http://www.endecotts.com/shakers/about_shakers.htmIt could add an additional objective measure to grinder tests.
Jim Karavias

10) From: Mark Prince
At 08:33 PM 03/11/2002, you wrote:
I would agree, except I have to look at this in a cost vs. benefit basis. 
I'll email the company at the link above for prices and other info. I'm 
pretty sure a shaker would be way out of any price I could afford, but 
maybe I can gerry-rig up a paint shaker or something :)
I just dropped $500 on a new Fluke datalogger thermometer setup, and $4200 
on a new 3 CCD DV camcorder, so the CoffeeGeek equipment budget is kind of 
dry. However, if this can be done for less than $100 or $200, I may 
consider it.
One other issue though - I don't get a lot of grinders to test. Currently I 
have several (Rocky, Innovas, Mazzer Mini, Simonelli Grinta (don't buy it, 
it's not very good), Solis Maestro, but their reviews are all done save the 
Rocky, and I don't have any other grinders on the way or intended, at least 
at this point.
Wait, I haven't published the Mazzer review yet... hrmm.
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11) From: jim gundlach
     I'm looking at building a set of twelve screens, five more than the 
official set of seven, for less than $20 a set plus a couple of hours 
of work.  I will make my shaker out of the vibrating unit I took from a 
broken down vibrating lounger.  It is simply a small electric motor 
with an unbalanced wheel mounted on the shaft.  It seems to me that the 
official screens do not screen at sufficient points in the espresso 
range and does not provide a way for checking for dust so I added five 
in the finer range.  I'll let you know how it works out.
Jim Gundlach
roasting over pecan wood fires
in La Place, Alabama.
On Monday, November 4, 2002, at 03:18 PM, Mark Prince wrote:
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12) From: Gary Zimmerman
What about using one of those little hand massager thingies?  You wouldn't 
even need to rig something up, just put it on your hand, and hold the 
screen unit for a few seconds.  Maybe too low tech or too inconsistent, 
dunno, but just trying to think of cheap alternatives.
-- garyZ
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13) From: Jim Karavias
Hey, that's cool!  I didn't realize you'd be taking it all that far.
I'd love to see pics when you're done.
Jim Karavias

14) From: EskWIRED
Or rest it in your lap...
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15) From: jim gundlach
      I just bid on one at eBay, I'll see how it works.  With these 
Alabama roads, I can probably just put a sample in and strap it into 
the pickup and by the time I've driven to work and back it would 
probably be shaken down as far as it would go.
    Jim Gundlach
    roasting over pecan wood fires
    in La Place, Alabama
On Monday, November 4, 2002, at 04:46 PM, Gary Zimmerman wrote:
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16) From: dewardh
A growing number of us have a Mazzer Super Jolly . . . one of several 
"commercial" machines that comes up regularly on the "used" market . . . it's 
everything the Mini is, only bigger, and better .  A new set of burrs (if 
you get a "worn out" one ) sells for $29, and should be good for, oh, a 
couple thousand pounds, anyway.  I've taken the doser and hopper off of mine 
and use it single-shot grind-on-demand . . . I'd suggest that you take a look 
at one with an eye to reviewing "the ultimate" home grinder . . . .
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