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Topic: Moka pots? (8 msgs / 168 lines)
1) From: Owen Davies
I'm eager to find out first-hand, but for now I have
a real beginner's question:  From the description
of how moka pots work, they sound a lot like those
aluminum stove-top "espresso makers."  Aside from
being stainless steel, at least as the come from SM,
how do they differ?
(Terry, thanks for the kind welcome.)
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2) From: jim gundlach
The aluminum ones are cheaper and usually less well made.
    Jim Gundlach
On Saturday, October 26, 2002, at 09:51 PM, Owen Davies wrote:
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3) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Owen Davies" 
They are one and the same as you surmised. My understanding is they're the
'original' method of making 'espresso' in Italy. Now it's usually not called
espresso though, considered too weak to be 'espresso'. Higher pressure
espresso brewing methods were invented decades later, don't recall the exact
And BTW, let me add my Welcome the the List!
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
I coincidentally have a ex Step-Brother who's name is David Owes, almost the
reverse of you name!
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4) From: Charlie Herlihy
--- Owen Davies  wrote:
 Welcome from me too, Owen. You've figured it out , moka pots
are those stove-top "espresso makers" 
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5) From: Dana Kaempen
Owen Davies  wrote:
Aluminum's cheaper - to the best of my knowledge, this would be the
major difference between SS & Al.  Beyond the metal, the quality of the
"espresso" will be determined by how well the moka pot seals, the water,
and, of course, the quality & grind of the coffee you use.
Welcome aboard!  Happy cupping!
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6) From: Myron Joshua
1. The claim has been made and refuted that Aluminum Moka pots can be
dangerous to your health.
2. It has been claimed that Aluminum transfers heat better than stainless
and makes for a better cup.
3. It has been claimed (and deemed wierd) that Aluminum absorbs and
preserves the taste of previous brews thus enhancing the taste of
forthcoming brews. (Claimed by Bialetti the inventors of this contraption)
It can be quite easy to burn your coffee with a Moka Pot-so the issue raised
in other threads about altitude, pressure, steam and water temperature might
be crucial.
I live at an altitude of 950 meters and get great results (no burnt taste at
all) with my Bialetti Kaliffa (Aluminum with added pressure valve that
increases the pressures).
Perhaps this valve prevents the water from getting into an evil boil while
it passes through the coffee into the top chamber. (Similar to the water
column suggested in the thread on High Altitude).

7) From: Owen Davies
Myron Joshua wrote:
Not to be argumentative, but in hopes of helping:
A while ago, I talked about aluminum with a friend who is
one of the best geriatrics specialist in the country.  This may
have changed (it's been a few years), but at that time her view
was that the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's (I assume
that's what you have in mind) was probably not causal, but a
case where they both resulted from some underlying factor
yet to be identified.  But she had thrown out all her aluminum
pots and pans, because she did not think the risk was worth taking.
Since then, I have seen no really good studies that seemed to
rule out a causal effect for aluminum--or to confirm it, of
course.  But there has been at least one study suggesting that
aluminum can either trigger or aggravate an allergic response,
which appears to be a major factor in the etiology of Alzheimer's.
(I can't give a lit cite.  I follow this sort of thing on a conceptual
basis, but seldom bother with that kind of detail unless there is
an immediate need for it.)
For my part, aluminum still seems too big a risk to take for
no particular reason.  Besides, stainless is prettier.  YMMV.
Thanks to all for all the info.
Thanks also for the kindly welcomes.  Friendly group.  8-)
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8) From: sho2go

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