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1) From: EskWIRED
BTW I used a WBPII and a Palouze
Which thermometer?  Why do you deduct 40 degrees?
I recently took the big round bimetal thermometer off of my BBQ pit and
fitted it onto my modified WEPP.  I'm pretty happy with it.  It reads 10
degrees too low at 212, so I have no good idea of how accurate it is at 400
(anybody know how I can check?).
It replaced a digital Polder thermistor thermometer which had a max temp of
392, and so was inadequate for roasting.
I really want to build a good digital thermocouple based thermometer (or
two, actually) into the unit, but am unable to find a source for the raw
circuit board, and am too frugal (cheap?) to buy one in a case to
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2) From: Rick Farris
EskWired wrote:
Fluke's current temperature meter is the Model 50 Series II.  It costs
around a hundred dollars for the one-channel version, about $140 for the
two-channel version, about $200 for the one-channel with datalogging, and
about $250 for the two-channel with datalogging.  BUT... I've seen the old
Model 50 (Series I, I guess that would be) for about $60.  That includes a
thermocouple.  I'm not sure what your budget is, but that seems pretty cheap
compared to a micro with A/D input and software linearizing...
-- Rick
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3) From: Rick Farris
Ron wrote:
Err...Ron... Who does?
-- Rick
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4) From: R.N.Kyle
Dan recently mail me a set of 2z2 color swatches. and labeled them SW1 =
thru SW8 . I did some roasting Sat. night and these are the results
2 batches 65 grams each Costa Rican Tres Rios, La Magnolia 02 crop
1. roasted to City 415 degrees 8 min roast SW4
Panama Boquete Finca La Berlina 02 crop
1. roasted to a Dark City 425 degrees, 8 min. SW6
Although I could not find an exact match to the color, and knowing that =
it was a whole bean color instead of a ground bean color, it still =
allows us some point of reference between each other. BTW I used a WBPII =
and a Palouze thermometer, and I deduct 40 degrees from the actual =
reading I get. I found this to be somewhat in line with roast temps. =
published in different accounts. So actually 465 degrees, which is into =
2nd. will be 425 actual. 
So much involved it sometimes makes my head hurt.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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5) From: R.N.Kyle
I don't know that deducting 40 degrees is correct, I have not way of =
telling actual internal bean temps. but when I cut the roast off at just =
to 2nd crack the reading is 450 on my thermometer, and according to all =
I've read this should be what is called City and somewhere near 415 =
degrees so take 40 from 450 and get 410 degrees, it seems to come closer =
to published roast temps.????
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

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