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Topic: Gourmet resurrection (7 msgs / 166 lines)
1) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Well, last week, I asked about my Gourmet dying, and was advised it was 
probably the circuit board.  I called Hearthware and they sent me a new one.
It arrived yesterday, so I armed myself with screwdriver and scotch tape 
and took the base off the Gourmet.  The board was easy to find and 
remove.  There was a device in the center that feels like a triac to me, 
I've not seen components for 13 years, but triacs probably feel the same 
now as they did then.  It was flopping in the breeze, and I suspect that is 
why the board went belly up.
I marked the wires with bits of scotch tape so I could feel which ones went 
where and removed the old board and put the new one in.  A person with very 
small fingers must have inserted those friction fit connectors, but I got 
them in, nevertheless.  Assemblind ham radios for years taught me a trick 
or two.
The big test....it worked perfectly.  I am quite pleased.  The lady at 
Hearthware doubted that a blind person could do this task.  I'll have to 
call her and brag just a bit.
I did order another Gourmet from SM, and it will be a good thing to have a 
spare.  Having seen how easy it is to fix these, if it dies again, I'll not 
hesitate for a moment to get another board.  I wonder if other units are 
this easy to fiddle with.
I also wonder why the triac is so flimsy, rather, why its base pins break 
off so easily.
Time to go roast some Sumatran,
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2) From: EskWIRED
There is no real excuse for the pins to break.  My guess is poor assembly
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3) From: Chris Beck
It's my theory that the Gourmet suffers these circuit board problems due 
to the lousy job Hearthware did with balancing the motor/fan 
combination.  90% of the racket a Gourmet makes is due to vibration.  My 
Pumpers or Popper Mk I's with the same type of AC motor (also made by 
Johnson) are so much smoother and quieter.  Only answer is Hearthware 
cut corners.
Therefore, the vibration just kills the circuit boards with broken 
solder joints, failed relays, etc.
The Scarlet Wombat wrote:
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4) From: Rick Farris
Dan asked:
Those things get hot.  There's a good chance the leads got so hot they
desoldered themselves...
-- Rick
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5) From: R.N.Kyle
good job Dan, It seems that being blind, does not stop you from doing =
anything.except being able to see what your doing.
Um Sumatra, a wonderful coffee
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

6) From: susan oppenheim
you are a wonder to behold!!!!!
from your biggest fan!!!!
The Scarlet Wombat wrote:
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7) From: Sharon Allsup
On 27 Oct 2002, at 7:18, The Scarlet Wombat wrote:
Yes, it's a triac.  It definitely shouldn't be flopping in the breeze.
What is your trick for screwing in that tiny little screw on the far 
lefthand side of the PC board, the one that is right up against the 
housing?  This has always been the bugaboo for me when 
swapping out the PC boards.  Do you have a ham radio hint for 
that?  I just now realized maybe I should have found a magnetic 
screwdriver, hmm.
The Gourmet has a lot of vibration - far more than the Precision 
(probably why it's so noisy).  The PC board is secured with one 
end screwed to the the bottom of the motor unit.  So it is exposed 
to the worst of the vibration in every roast.  My opinion is it's due to 
a poorer design and lower quality, to meet the price point.  The 
triacs on my two failed boards are just fine, so something else was 
the reason it died.
YAAAYYY!!!  So what did Hearthware say when you called them 
back?  :)  It's good to have assumptions about capacities 
debunked.   My boss has severe MD and needs lots of assistance 
throughout the day (moving his hand from the wheelchair arm to the 
desktop, for example, setting up his tea and straw just so).  I never 
know when I'm crossing the line between assisting and patronizing.
Sharon Allsup
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