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Topic: Kenya Karumandi Auction Lot '02 (8 msgs / 138 lines)
1) From: Les & Becky
In as much as my stash is of significant size, I will share with you all
that the Kenya Karumandi Auction Lot 02 is out of this world!  It isn't one
of those Kenya coffees that is only for acid heads!  As my wife says it is
smooth with an exotic flavor to it. With milk as my wife likes it, she could
taste some good dark chocolate notes.   I followed Tom's roasting suggestion
and went just past 1st crack!  Hey, "John in the DEEP south", am I tempting
you yet!  If you like Panama coffee, Kona coffee, St. Helena coffee, you
will like the KKA!  This afternoon I pulled a few shots of KKA.  The
Americano was robust, and the ristretto was bold without being bitter.  This
isn't just a drip coffee, it pulls great espresso shots too.  Hey!, Tom
rated it a 90.  It isn't all that often a coffee rates that high.  If you
are putting an order together, I would highly recommend giving this one a
Roasting in S. Oregon
P.S.  I will be roasting my first Nicaragua coffee tomorrow!
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2) From: hlhurd
If the Nicaraguan you're roasting is the Free Trade Segovia, then your wife
is going to be happy again.  It is a great "w/ milk" coffee.  It also needs
almost no resting time IMHO.
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3) From: Jim Garlits
I have only good things to say about the Nicaragua we bought last year.  Its
not free trade, its a Jinotega/Matagalpa 2001.  We love it.
Jim G.

4) From: Rick Farris
Les wrote:
Les, one thing to keep in mind about Nicaraguans is that there are two
distinct coffee growing areas there, Segovia and Matagalpa.  The "Sabor de
Segovia" that Tom carries is one of my favorite beans.  On the other hand
the Matagalpa is just ok in my book.  They are very different tastes.
-- Rick
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5) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Les & Becky" 
 If you like Panama coffee, Kona coffee, St. Helena coffee, you
You almost pulled me in on that one! I was on the website ready to order 5#
when somehow I came back to reality. When I get back from Hawaii my stash
will be pushing 200#!!! Uh, unfortunately I'm gonna have to pass for now.
(At least until after we get back, then I'll undoubtedly loose my will
power - or is that my mind - and order some...;-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
Limping along with Solis Maestro grindin'
Christmas is coming!!!
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6) From: Les & Becky
When you get back from Hawaii, my stash is going to be offically closed
until there is a Traeger on the back deck!  My wife thought the ribs and
chicken were scrumptious!  Thanks for the help!  The KKA is good, but the
stash is getting almost up to your level!

7) From: Rick Farris
Les wrote:
What's a Traeger?
-- Rick
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8) From: Les & Becky
A Traeger is a BBQ grill!  After experiencing Mike M's ribs on the Traeger,
I have to save money to get one, and working through my stash is one way of
being able to eventually have  fine BBQ with my cup of coffee!

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