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Topic: St. Helena Visit (7 msgs / 110 lines)
1) From: Scott Jensen
A while ago we joked around about a trip to St. Helena to help David with
his harvest troubles.  I decided I was crazy enough to go if it ever worked
out and wrote David to see if he could use the help of some fanatical
homeroasters.  Here is his reply:
Dear Scott,
Thank you for your email.  Please acept my apologies for the delay in reply
but I have not long returned to the island after a major spinal op which
will take me a year or so to recover from.
Any person who wishes to assist us with harvest is more than welcome,
however government have set up an immigration board here on the island and
they are very strict as regards overseas people working in the private
What would happen if you all turned up as tourists and wished to pick coffee
I cannot definately say , but I would imagine you would be made to leave the
island and I would probably be prosecuted.
Thanks for your kind comments and offer of support though.
Kind regards, David.
Too bad!!  Sounds like they have him between a rock and a hard place.
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2) From: Michael Vanecek
Hmmm, unless he could incorporate the coffee picking experience into the 
"tour". There are many people who would rather get out and do stuff at 
an exotic location than just be herded around like cattle. A working 
plantation. Heck, some people would probably pay for the oportunity to 
hang out on a tropical island, experience life in a coffee plantation 
and life in the real world tropics rather than some fancy resort. I 
lived on Guam for a couple of years and loved every minute of it. I'd 
hate to go back for a resort experience - what a waste. If I wanted to 
stay in a hotel, there's a Motel 6 down the road. I wonder if there's 
room there for a bed-n-breakfast type setting - perhaps neighbors and 
friends could pitch in...
Scott Jensen wrote:
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3) From: Renaud Dreyer
If a non American with a tourist visa showed up on the Big Island of
Hawaii and started picking coffee on a coffee farm, I assume the INS 
might eventually also have the farm owner between a rock and a hard 
place. Ciao,
               Renaud Dreyer
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4) From: Scott Jensen
But only if the said non-American was paid for the work, don't you think?
If a friend showed up and helped out, just to pass the time and do something
useful, on the Purple Mountain Estate the INS wouldn't bother- would they?
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5) From: Renaud Dreyer
Probably not, as long as it doesn't get too suspicious. I assume 
they've seen cases where "friends" get payed "under the table". Ciao,
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6) From: susan oppenheim
there are relief organizations that have coffee picking trips
I don't know who did these
anyone know???
Michael Vanecek wrote:
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7) From: Dan Bollinger
A work-around might be a "U Pick" operation.  We'd pay Dave for the beans we
picked.  He'd process them and ship them to us.  We could sell any excess
and recoup some of the cost.  Dan
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