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1) From: Leslie Smith
I recently bought the portable plastic hand grinder mentioned by someone on 
this list from the Cabela's website, because I wanted to try burr grinding 
on the cheap.  I mostly brew french press and the more even burr grind is 
supposed to be much better for that.  I've been enjoying the hand-grinding 
experience a lot, actually.  A fair bit of work, but I only brew one large 
mug for myself per day (spouse is not a coffee drinker), and I really enjoy 
the aroma as I'm grinding.  (I haven't used the whirley-blade grinder at 
all since I got the hand grinder.)
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone on the list has found a solution for the 
large buildup of static electricity that comes along with the plastic 
housing?  I find quite a large amount of coffee stuck to the inside of the 
grinder when I'm done.  I have a brush to clean it out, but I wonder if I 
need to be adding a few extra beans to my load to compensate, and if 
there's any way to reduce the static in the first place (short of spraying 
the device with static guard!).
I'm planning to upgrade to the Zass Turkish Mill as soon as I can, which 
will probably be Christmas.  I don't have a good excuse to spend $80 on the 
new coffee habit right now (the spouse wouldn't approve).
   - Leslie
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2) From: Angelo
One of the suggestions that comes up in regard to this problem is to add 
some moisture. A drop of water in with the beans or just breathing into the 
container might work. Also, passing a slightly damp cloth around the 
outside will usually do the trick...
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3) From: Leslie Smith
Thanks!  This sounds like a good idea, and I'll give it a try on my next batch.
   - Leslie
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4) From: Paul Helbert
Ross is looking for a good travel grinder.
I have one, listed on eBay, which might work. (Not sure it is "good"
though). It was probably not designed for coffee. It is a mini conical burr
mill with ceramic burrs, and it works for coffee, albeit slowly (30 rpm). I
have no idea as to its durability. It didn't take *too* long to fill the
basket of my little one-cup camping moka pot. My wife thinks it is related
to a battery pencil sharpener and indeed, that is what it sounds like.

5) From: Ross
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Hi Paul,
What are you calling it on ebay?  I guess the real question is: why sell =
it, what works better?

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