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1) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
The number one item on my Christmas wish list is the new MAZZER MINI
ELECTRONIC. I do not think it is available in this country, or is it?
In Europe, it costs Euro 590,- as compared to Euro 475,- for the "old"
Mazzer Mini.
It seems to be the "dream home coffee grinder".
Tom and Maria, do you plan to offer it? I would prefer to buy it from you.
Regards, Lubos
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
Chris, of Chris Coffee, told me this when I asked him about the MME,  "No
news on the Mazzer Mini Electronic except I am pretty sure at this point I
won't have any for this Christmas season."  So, I went ahead and ordered a
regular MM.  I've removed the doser and will be intalling a "one-shot"
electronic timer to grind 14g at a time.  It's a rough solution, but will
give me a consistent amount. After all, grinders are a type of pump, and
pumps tend to deliver a certain volume per revolution. I can always adjust
it to keep it on track.  I looked at installing a force sensor, but these
cost about $350.  The 5 amp, one-shot timer is $37.  Dan

3) From: Rick Farris
Dan wrote:
You may have better luck than I, Dan, but I've *never* had any luck getting
a consistent weight (or volume) from a grinder based on time.  There are
just too many variables.  Like size of the beans to start with.  Cleanliness
of the grinder matters a lot.  Degree of roast...
Let us know how it works for you.
-- Rick
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
Rick,  I figure the timer will have to be adjusted for each bean.  Also,
I'll be using a timer with repeat precision measured in hundredths of a
second.  At worst case, I'll adjust it to grind a little more than I need
and weigh or measure that before putting it in the portafilter.
Either way, I get rid of that doser.  It is a beautiful piece of equipement.
I probably paid $75 for it in the $350 price tag on the MM.  Too bad Mazzer
doesn't get smart and offer a home version of their grinder without doser,
and with a smaller hopper to fit under the 18" standard cabinet heights in
the US (dunno what this is in Europe).  It could sell for $275.  Dan
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5) From: Jack Berry
What's the problem with the Mazzer doser that you want to remove it? Or is
it a problem with dosers in general?

6) From: Tom & Maria
Yes, actually ... I looked over a test unit. Its really an impressive 
machine, and unless my favorite company Ditting decides to make a 
home mill, its certainly the best espresso mill I have seen. I 
realize by reading a lot of recent discussion that going "whole hog" 
and buying a really good piece of equipment like this really does 
make sense in the long run, and trying to offer the Maestro as the 
only solution for all grinding  is not very logical. And before 
adding a espresso specific mill, I sourced a good blade mill too. The 
fact is, blade mills really have their place, especially for filter 
drip brewing that effectively makes up for the blades whacking the 
coffee into uneven pieces.  But like the old bell telephone, these 
mills are a helluva good design!
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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7) From: Dan Bollinger
This doser it great!  I just don't want the ground coffee to sit in the
doser overnight and get stale. And, I don't want to grind more coffee than I
need. I find it is an unnecessary step and hassle to grind into the doser
and then empty the doser into the PF.  I hate wasted motion (I'm a Plant
Manager in a factory!)  The larger Mazzer grinders have a doser-less option
with little trigger switch to start/stop the machine. Wish the MM had this
option, too.  Dan

8) From: rev mark gilstrap
now I'm curious - what is that vibrating plate
on the front of the grinders?  (as shown on 
their web page www.ditting.com)
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9) From: floyd burton
Commercial Bunns require the person grinding hit a lever a few times to
shake loose the static held grounds-apparently the Swissies have made
pulling the lever redundant by automating it-looks kinda funny-thanks for
pointing it out.
Oh what price are the MME's going for?  neat grinder-course I really like
the name Super Jolly-the Super Jolley does the Jiggie Jiggie

10) From: Art Lawson
it is to make sure that the ground coffee falls to  the of the bag, sparing
the clerk from giving 100% time attention to the grinding process --having
to  rap  on  the grinder spout or on the bag to settle the ground coffee. I
don't know how well that device works, but I can tell you that without
giving some attention to a 1 or 2 lb bag, the ground coffee is sure to form
a blockage high up in the bag,  and will overflow the receiving container.

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