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Topic: Lexan/non-glass French presses? (6 msgs / 191 lines)
1) From: Sharon Allsup
	Our household goes through those little $10 Bodum FP's like 
you wouldn't believe.  Between five cats and a really chaotic 
schedule, stone tile counters & floors, those flimsy thin-glass-
walled presses don't live more than a year or so.
	I've seen Lexan FP's at a camping supply store.  Has anyone 
tried them? Are they any good?  Any health risks to be wary of?
	Barring the Lexan route, I'd love to be able to bulk order the 
glass bodies.  We've still got a few of the plunger-filter 
arrangements, so just need a dozen glass bodies to get through 
the next few years.
Sharon Allsup
Winston, GA
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2) From: Bob Trancho
Tom & Maria don't sell these, but Bodum makes polycarbonate beaker
versions of many of their presses.  The Bistro Nouveau and Chambord
lines are both available in polycarbonate plastic.  Check out the Bodum
web site for details.
Bob Trancho
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3) From: Lee XOC
They do sell the Bodum Columbia though -- stainless steel french
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lee / San Diego

4) From: J Micone
I've used two Lexan one-cup (18 0z.) french presses for six or seven 
years. The ones I have do not impart any plastic taste and have held 
up to travel, use and a bit of abuse quite well.
I haven't seen any others like mine, and I've looked all over the 
Web. I have seen other unbreakables of different sizes available at 
camping stores. I've also used a Nissan metal press for travel. I 
believe that one's a quart, but I find the metal affects the coffee's 
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5) From: Tony Morello
I bought one at REI about a month ago for a cub scout campout and it
works great--or maybe I was just desperate.  Here's a link: http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?storeId€00&catalogId@000008000&productId0532&parent_category_rnE00495
What do folks do about grinding coffee while camping?

6) From: Jim Garlits
I've got three of the Lexan FP's.  I won't give you any raving reviews, but
simply say that they work.  Mine are insulated, but that was kind of
brainless on the manufacturer's part.  You don't let pressed coffee sit on
top of the trapped grounds.  Let it sit for awhile and its just gross.
Jim G.

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