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1) From: Sharon Allsup
Thanks for the linfo about the Lexan FP's, that's what I need :)
On 29 Oct 2002, at 16:23, Tony Morello wrote:
I pre-grind before leaving home.  Even after a week it's still great 
coffee.  Anything that my husband has gotten up early to break the 
ice on the water and prepare the coffee for me is great.  When 
camping, I'm not awake enough in the morning to notice if it's 3 
days post-grind or 7.
I'm tempted to buy a manual grinder for camping, but we're not that 
obsessed.  Plus, it's already a major battle to reduce the 'stuff' 
that's taken along - I'm usually carrying a full photography setup in 
addition to the camping gear.
Sharon Allsup
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2) From: Michael Vanecek
Hee hee - find a boulder, lay out yer beans and grab a rock and start 
pounding. :)
I don't know - haven't been camping in forever. But, a button-bag with 
some preground if it's a short trip. A long trip - grab that manual 
grinder...and leave behind something less important - like the compass 
or water jug. :)
Have fun,
Sharon Allsup wrote:
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3) From: jerry
Sharon, you sound like my kind of camper!  I, too, am the husband who
gets up early to break the ice on the water.  Seven days,  3 days
post-grind - who's counting, so long as there's home-roasted coffee on a
camping morning!  I also confess to counting a photography setup among my
essential camping gear, but a recent addition of an Olympus C-700 digital
zoom camera is simplifying that problem.  The Lexan french press is
definitely going to be an addition to my supplies.  --  Jerry Green
Sharon Allsup wrote:
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4) From: Tom & Maria
If you pre-grind into small jelly jars (holds 8 oz) then open them 
progressively as you need them, you can trap a lot of aromatics. I 
tried hand-grinding (and roasting over a propane stove in a whirley 
pop) on winter trip last year and It was bitterly cold out. I had 
brought one of our greekish mills and couldnt operate it with gloves 
on, but without gloves my hands literally froze to the metal. oh 
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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5) From: sho2go

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