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Topic: American coffee--add water before or after? (8 msgs / 168 lines)
1) From: Mark Neuhausen
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I am making Americano coffee and my espresso maker aerates the water =
with its forceful hot water stream when I add water to the espresso.  I =
have put the hot water in first, then added the espresso, and stirred =
the coffee to mix it all.  It does not seem like there is anything to =
bruise, but I wondered if in the land of coffee gourmands if one method =
is considered superior to the other.
I can't tell a taste difference.

2) From: Irving N. Riley
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I dispense my hot water first then I extract the espresso into it.

3) From: Angelo
I heat some water in a kettle while I'm preparing the shot. By the time I 
have the shot, the water is ready, and I pour and drink....
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4) From: David Lewis
At 8:05 AM -0500 11/1/02, Mark Neuhausen wrote:
That would, of course, be the final answer. I would, though, suggest 
that you taste the hot water by itself. On my Techno, the water from 
the brew boiler has no taste, but the water that's been sitting in 
the steam/hot water boiler has a smell and taste I can only describe 
as "hot metal." Sort of sweet, but definitely there.
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5) From: joerlich
IMHO if you are using a home espresso machine with a single boiler you
are doing it right.  Water coming through the steam wand may be too hot
to add to the espresso and cause it to turn sour prematurely.  Your
present method gives it time to cool down it also ensures that the water
used to make the espresso is not over heated (this can happen when
switching from steaming mode to espresso making).  With single boilers
making sure that the water is hot enough for espresso making is also
important -- always wait for the machine to signal that it is ready.
Pre-heat the cup.
If your machine has two boilers, ignore the above.

6) From: Angelo
Ah, were it so simple for those of us with Silvias!... Just go to Google 
and read the plethora of messages dealing with temperature surfing and PID 
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7) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
"I dispense my hot water first then I extract the espresso into it", wrote
Se do I, because the hot water from the espresso machine is too hot. I have
tried both ways and do taste the difference.
Regards, Lubos.
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8) From: John Abbott
I missed the original post here - must be the pressure my stomach is still
causing on my eyes from yesterday :O)
I have just tried making an Americano by pouring the hot water first then
dumping the shot into it. I just KNOW its my imagineation but it tastes
thinner - less body.

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