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Topic: Custom Tampers (7 msgs / 151 lines)
1) From: Les & Becky
I will custom turn a tamper for you for some macadamia nuts!  I can make it
any size you want!  I have been producing my "Generation 2"  tampers with a
either a blackwood base or a lignum vita base!   All my customers have been
very satisfied! Just e-mail me off list and we can discuss it if you are
interested.  I currently have some very nice silver maple, rare figured
redwood, maple burl, figured myrtlewood, Madagasscar Rosewood, etc. for the
body of the tampers.
Roasting in S. Oregon and turning tampers!

2) From: sho2go
Les, I also need a tamper, 58mm.  Can do?  I would have emailed you
privately but don't see your address anywhere.

3) From: Rick Farris
Mike wrote:
Err...Mike...Look down there about three lines after "tlsurveys"...
-- Rick

4) From: sho2go
Lighten up, Rick.  I just discovered something about Outlook Express:  it
hides the return mail address until the reply screen is up.  So in the mail
on the list, that I saw, there was no return address.  Just like the message
you just sent.  Only here in this reply does it show up.  Where I wasn't
looking for it.

5) From: Rick Farris
Mike wrote:
I'm not heavy!  It was just an amused comment, and I'm easy to amuse.  Note
also that we get a lot of newbies on this list, and not knowing you well, I
thought maybe you might need a little help.
OTOH, although you are at least an intermediate Outlook user, as an advanced
user, I'll tell you that if you choose View->Options, you can see all of the
headers from the message you're looking at.  Including the complete email
address of the sender and every host that the message traveled through on
the way to you.
-- Rick
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6) From: sho2go
Actually, OE doesn't have the View>Options screen; I can find out if I go to
File>Properties.  Oh well...............

7) From: Michael Vanecek
Hee - and as one not enslaved to Microshaft in the least, I can see 
*everything* at will - and not get virus's. Sigh - but I do miss them 
virus's. :)
Hey - back on topic - I want a decent Tamper for my old Gaggia Coffee 
Espresso Machine (guess that would be equivelant to Gaggia Classic 
Coffee?). Catch me offlist if this bugs you guys or stretches Tom's 
policies a bit too far. A custom turned Tamper sounds sweet!
Rick Farris wrote:
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