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Topic: Zach & Dani's Gourmet Roasting System (9 msgs / 189 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
James welcome to the list. My first roaster was a FR+ and I have enjoyed =
it, and it roast some very good coffee. Customer Service is great, and =
if you do have a problem Tim the designer and owner is at the other end =
of the 1-800# can't beat that, Combine that with Toms Sampler Pack, it's =
a sweet deal. There are many people on this list that use a FR and can =
be a wonderful source of knowledge, not only about the FR but also with =
roasting technique.
Of course there are many list members, roasting with a Gourmet, a =
Alpenrost, and Rosto and of course there are those roasting with Woks, =
and the latest in drum roaster the infamous Hot Top, (not available in =
USA) And don't forget the old roasting pioneer the WB Poppery pop corn =
Have fun.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: James T. O'Neill
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   Been a member (read, lurker) of this list for a few weeks now and =
have emerged from the depths to gather some possible info about the =
above subject matter.
   First, let me introduce myself.  Retired from New York State after =
30+ years (in state employ) and now living on the shores of Lake Huron =
(in Michigan).  Working part-time (during the season) at a marina and =
fishing (a often as possible).  Love my coffee and have enjoyed (and =
cursed) about every make and brand of so-called espresso coffee makers.  =
For years enjoyed a Melitta, but got involved in the French press method =
and just recently purchased a Capresso 3000.  
   I'm flirting with roasting my own beans and was leaning toward the =
Alpenrost, but saw this TV spot for Zach & Dani's Gourmet Roasting =
System http://www.coffeeroasting.com). Have done some research on =
several makes and Sweet Maria's is my favorite site for info and was =
wondering if anyone had any news about this product?
   BTW, I find the message on this list of great interest and look =
forward to some feedback.

3) From:
Don't know about Zach & Dani, but I've heard the Alps are
hard to learn on.  This is a bad time of year for Poppery
roasting in Michigan, or I'd recommend starting with a
Poppery just to start to get the hang of things.  
You know, that makes, what, 4 or 5 of us from
Michigan...maybe we need to get together, and have a
roasting party, or something.
Be well,
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4) From:
On Tue, 05 Nov 2002 11:18:20 -0500
 susan oppenheim  wrote:
Split the difference, and meet in London?
Be well,
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5) From:
On Tue, 05 Nov 2002 11:25:41 -0500
 susan oppenheim  wrote:
Someplace cheap.  Campground, with electrical outlets,
bring your own coffee roasters, brewers, espresso machines?
Of course, not until next spring.
Be well,
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6) From: Kathleen Tinkel
I've never heard of Zach & Dani's roasting system. Have never seen it
mentioned before, in fact.
Perhaps that is a point worth considering. There's quite a bit of subtle
stuff to master as you learn how to roast coffee, and each roaster has
different characteristics. If you're a roasting beginner, you may want to=
start out with a roaster that comes complete with peer group. =
Most of the extremely helpful people on this list use the Fresh Roast,
Hearthware, or Alpenrost (or more than one of those); some also use popco=
I'd suggest the Fresh Roast (or one of the Hearthwares, but I know the FR=
myself) as a great starter roaster. It provides lots of feedback (sight,
sound, and smell), and the small quantities are actually an advantage as
you try to learn which beans you like. It's semi-manual, in that you can
fiddle with the heating/cooling knob to control the roasting profile.
Once you've got your feet wet you can consider moving up to a larger
roaster -- the Alp or one of the others. Perhaps by that time, Tom (owner=
of Sweet Maria's) will have evaluated the Zach & Dani's system or others
here will have had a chance to try it out, and you can consider it then. =
My two cents' worth.
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7) From: susan oppenheim
or you could all come up to Toronto with your foam bedding and camp out
at Oppenheim's and really have some fun!!!!And some great coffee!!!
qibhom wrote:
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8) From: susan oppenheim
where?where to stay??
qibhom wrote:
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9) From: susan oppenheim
I bought a hearthware from Tom and maria and I am very very happy with
it was dead cheap-for you americans any how-do it-under 65$!!!
their samples are fantastic and you will be very very happy
also that site you sent is overpriced i would say
"James T. O'Neill" wrote:

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