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1) From: John Abbott
WOW!  I've just pulled two absolute God-shots!  I would put these above the
ISH, and WAY FAR above the CRLM.  This is from the first roast done after
making the profile chip change on the HotTop. I don't know what I was doing
before - but this IS the best shot I've ever pulled.  Now... question.  If
Mama Cata won the auction, how much better could it be? If it costs 10%
more, can it be 10% better?  I'm not worried about the price but could my
heart take it?  Anyone roast who has roasted them both want to enlighten me?
John - going back for another shot - gosh that's unbelievably good.
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2) From: sho2go
I am pre-roast blending 1/2 Pan. Boquete and 1/2 Mex. Altura, my own
profile.  Stopped roast at rolling 2nd cr., but not really too dark.
Absolutely delicious espresso shot, not sure if its a God-shot, but

3) From: John Abbott
Mike, What flavors/notes do you pick up using the Mexican with the Panama?
I had to quit drinking for the night - I've gone through 1/3 pound!  Sure is

4) From: sho2go
Well, I have to admit I'm not sure.  I just bought a new grinder, an Innova,
which changed everything so much I don't recognize the shots I'm making.
Also modified my roasting profile with the Rosto, which I had been having
troubles with getting hot enough.  So when I took the shot, and tasted it,
it was such an epiphany that I just enjoyed without being critical.  I still
have to dial in the grind in the Innova, but I will be more analytical

5) From: Mike & Debi McGinnesss
From: "John Abbott" 
Hi John,
Is the Mama Cata 10% better than what?! I suspect you were referring to LaBerlina but we all know
where assuming gets us:-) No self-respecting CSA should even have to ask! I'll definitely say you
NEED to also get some Mama Cata. It is indeed very very very good Panama, exactly 10.37% better than
Sipping a Zass Turkish Mill ground French Press of Wood's Captain Cook Estate 02 brewed with bottled
Mountain Spring Water. Roasted 6 days ago vac' sealed in little 32gr bag right after cooling cycle.
Yes they are making cute little pillows. Aroma just jumps out when you cut the bag open:-)
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6) From: John Abbott

7) From: Les & Becky
I keep telling the group that the Panamas are about the best! I still like
the ISH the best!  Which Panama did you pull?  I am guessing the La Berlina!
I personally like the La Berlina as a shot better than the Mama Cata.  The
Mama Cata is an excellent drip coffee IMNSHO.
Roasting and turning tampers in S. Oregon
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8) From: John Abbott
Hi Les,
	You guessed right. I pulled the God-shots from La Berlina roasted to full
city. WOW!!  I have ordered some Mama Cata so I'll have my own comparison
soon.  AND I agree with you on the ISH - especially the Napoleon Estate!
I'm at a point with the ISH that I'm conserving (read that - not sharing).

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