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Topic: First Coffee Shop & Divorce for No Coffee! (9 msgs / 203 lines)
1) From: Mike & Debi McGinnesss
Something I ran across in a coffee history timeline:
Coffee is introduced to Constantinople (later Istanbul) by the Ottoman Turks. The world's first
coffee shop, Kiva Han, opens there in 1475. Turkish law makes it legal for a woman to divorce her
husband if he fails to provide her with a daily quota of coffee."
So now I know why when Debi asks for another cup batting her eyes I jump to it!
And I'm fixing breakfast too!
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
Great name for a coffee shop!  My 'dream shop' will either be called "Kiva
Han" or "Uncle Dunky's" (the pet name my nephews, nieces call me!)  Dan

3) From: John Abbott
Main Entry: kiva
Pronunciation: 'kE-v&
Function: noun
Etymology: Hopi kva
Date: 1871
: a Pueblo Indian ceremonial structure that is usually round and partly
Main Entry: Han
Pronunciation: 'hn
Function: noun
Etymology: Chinese (Beijing) Hn
Date: 1736
1 : a Chinese dynasty dated 207B.C.-A.D.220 and marked by centralized
control through an appointive bureaucracy, a revival of learning, and the
penetration of Buddhism
2 : the Chinese peoples especially as distinguished from non-Chinese (as
Mongolian) elements in the population
Hmmmm KIVA HAN - where the Chinese Bureaucracy meets underground to drink
coffee - works for me!!
You should get together with Kiva Networking in Indy to form a Cyber Cafehttp://www.kiva.net/John - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many shots - the screen is beginning to jitter

4) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Thanks a lot, Mike, if my wife sees this, I'm a goner.
Actually, I make all the coffee and keep her well supplied, so it is good 
to know I'm obeying the laws of at least one empire, beings as I'm not much 
for obeying things.
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5) From: Dan Bollinger
Now c'mon, John!  N.A. and Chinese influence in 15th century Turkey!?  No
way.  I think you are right, too many shots.  Oh, to fix the jittering
screen, just up the refresh-rate.  Works for me until about the 5th cup of
coffee!  ;)  Dan
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6) From: Dan Bollinger
My wife doesn't drink coffee, but I'm all 'tooled' up and well stocked if
she decides to begin.  I practice everyday, just in case. I wouldn't want to
be accused of being a bad husband!    Dan

7) From: Ken Mary
There are Kiva Han coffee shops in the Pittsburgh PA area, and their
roastery is just a few miles from my home. They also sell over the internet.
I have not tried their coffee. So I guess its Uncle Dunky's for you.
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8) From: Mark A. Chalkley
There's hope, Dan!  My wife didn't drink coffee, unless there was so
much sugar and milk in it that you could only call it coffee
"tainted".  Of course, the reason was that she'd never had coffee
before, just something that someone took great liberties in calling
Nowadays, I brew up 26 oz. each morning (and any other time I get the
chance) in the Royal (or in the Hario before I got the Royal), fill my
great big 'ol 10-year-old banged-up Thermos travel mug (I don't drink
from it unless I'm leaving the house immediately, just "store" it
there temporarily) then she takes the rest.  Every once in a while,
she'll add a little hot water, but usually just adds a little cream
and sugar.  (Hmmm - there were so many asides in this one that I
confused myself, even...)
Mark C.
On Friday, November 8, 2002, 2:54:39 PM, Dan Bollinger wrote:
DB> My wife doesn't drink coffee, but I'm all 'tooled' up and well stocked if
DB> she decides to begin.  I practice everyday, just in case. I wouldn't want to
DB> be accused of being a bad husband!    Dan

9) From: Michael Vanecek
LOL! I keep my wife in coffee for self preservation! Heck, if we got 
divorced, I'm certain part of the agreement would be a weekly alotment 
of coffee - enforced at threat of life and limb. :)
Mike & Debi McGinnesss wrote:
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