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Topic: Racing and bad coffee (15 msgs / 457 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey gang, I'm off to a big dirt race today part of a 2 day event in the =
Smokey Mountains SC. I'm crew chief for my bosses (driver) race =
The infield concessions stand at these dirt races has really bad coffee, =
and on a cool day or a cold night I need a good cup of coffee.
I take my home roast, fresh ground into a Thermos, not like at home but =
a bunch better then the swamp water served at the track. today will be =
Guatemala Antique roasted full city  yummy. 
Off to work on the car.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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2) From: R.N.Kyle
That's great Jim, I will be forwarding your message to Mr. Hilton at =
NASCAR. who knows next year if implemented we may see some very =
competitive, aggressive races. 
Lets see average 5 to 6 pit stops we may not be able to get them to stop =
on the checkered flag
Coffee rules, BTW we qualified 6th then the rain came. to be continued =
next week. It didn't matter I still enjoyed the Guat
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

3) From: R.N.Kyle
John that's a great idea, lets see, yes that would work, but John being =
in the deep south yourself, you must know that sweet tea is the beverage =
of choice (iced of course):O(
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

4) From: R.N.Kyle
Jim I can't believe you have let your family take away your new toy. =
Mercy man, have they no shame?:O)
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

5) From: Jim Garlits
I'm still waiting for the utopian day when everyone is enlightened enough to
know that Folger's deserves to go out of business, that they give coffee a
bad name. That Maxwell house is stale to the last drop.  Won't it be
something when everyone has their own air pot in tow?  When the driver takes
a pit stop, the crew goes to work on the car and the brew monkey
simultaneously replenishes the driver's cup with some nice medium roast
Huehuetenago and snaps his lid firmly in place again just as the tires are
kicking up pebbles.  When the winners and losers alike feel that the day was
a success because mama brought the french press and several vac sealed
packets, and the concession stand sells just off the boil artesian water for
$.50 a litre.  But I'm rambling.  Sorry...
Indiana Jim

6) From: John Abbott
Wouldn't if be a better dream to have a concession stand that sold freshly
brewed coffee? A whole lot better than having to drag all that stuff
around - but... its your dream.
John - Deep Southern Texas is a great place to dream

7) From: James Gundlach
On Saturday, November 9, 2002, at 07:57 PM, R.N.Kyle wrote:
Since I got the Melitta cone made for brewing directly into a thermos 
through "keeping up the tradition" I have taken my own coffee to work 
several times.  Christmas will bring two more of the traditional 
Stanley stainless thermoses to the household because one of the 
daughters and the son-in-law keep beating me to mine.
Off to make coffee, others are getting up.
Jim Gundlach
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8) From: Michael Vanecek
That was just my thought - a place selling bad coffee is a perfect 
oportunity to set up shop selling good coffee. :)
I'm actually altering my hours over at my computer shop from 8am to 
6:30am to start having fresh-brewed coffee and brownies available to my 
customers. Here's hoping it leads somewhere...
Also in Texas - more central tho..
John Abbott wrote:
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9) From: John Abbott
ONLY in Texas does that work.  When we first moved down to the border we
laughed a lot at unusual combination stores; Used cars and a taco stand,
tire rental and camera store, movie rental & Law office - so why not a
computer store serving coffee and munchies.

10) From: Michael Vanecek
Hee hee - in some parts of the country, I heered them are called 
somet'in like "cybercafe". :)
Heh - think that's weird - at one time the wife of my helper was 
grooming dogs in a spare room at the shop. LOL - get yer dog groomed and 
computer serviced while you wait - and have a cup of coffee while yer at 
it. :)
Dog thing didn't work out - lots of business - but a close call with a 
parvo case kinda turned us off that particular venue - coffee and 
computers are soooo much safer.
John Abbott wrote:
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11) From: R.N.Kyle
Jim I tend not to like real bright coffies either. I have found tha the =
Guatemalia Antiqua roasted to a full city has a nice body with some =
bright notes but muted.
Mexican Altura roasted to a rolling 2nd crack. but not to far or it will =
loose its body Tom is offering a very good Mexian 
Mexican Oaxaca Pluma -El Olivo Estate  The older variety of plants =
Typica are less bright then the newer caturra variety. IMO a better =
coffee, and easier on the stomach
the guat is IMO very good at full city muting some of the brightness and =
beginining to bring in some of the roast flavor, nice chocolate finish. 
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12) From: jim gundlach
On Sunday, November 10, 2002, at 07:56 AM, R.N.Kyle wrote:
The son-in-law has a 130 mile commute each way to law school that lets 
out at 11:00 p.m.  I could not have lived with myself if he had fallen 
asleep and wrecked on the way home.  The daughter, I still haven't 
found a way to so no to.  The extra thermoses may well come before 
Another issue is the coffee.  I have bought almost exclusively for 
espresso.  I tend to not prefer bright coffees, what would anyone 
suggest for filter brewing into a thermos.  I'll try a few suggestions 
on my next order.
Jim Gundlach
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13) From: R.N.Kyle
I guess you have more of the Mexican influence, I should have said the =
South East.
They drink Sweet Iced tea year round.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

14) From: Rick Farris
Jim asked:
Nicaraguan Segovia, Mexican Oaxaca Pluma, Columbian Bucaramanga, Timor Aifu,
any of Tom's Panamanians, any Kona.  :-)
-- Rick
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15) From: John Abbott
Right here on the border, the preferred drink is beer followed closely by
Margaritas and then coffee (really bad coffee!). We aren't typical south
here - more like North Mexico.

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