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Topic: My first sit&cook roast (8 msgs / 182 lines)
1) From: Ken Mary
Using my fast roaster (Proctor Silex Pumper), I turned off the heat and fan
at mid first crack. This was held for 1 minute then the fan was turned on
for cooling. This time is the same as my normal fast roast where 1 minute
would elapse between mid-first and start of second (end of roast). First
crack completed at the expected time, but no second. The beans were evenly
colored medium brown with no oil, corresponding to just under full city.
Brewed within a few minutes, the coffee tasted normal for the roast degree.
After an overnight rest, there was some improvement. So nothing spectacular,
but no ruined beans either.
Next roast will be heated further, trying to coast into second, maybe a
cover to hold in more heat.
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2) From: Jim Schulman
Hi Ken,
Maybe I didn't describe my technique right; or 
maybe you're trying something different. I 
restarted the roast after the minute's rest. Took 
another two minutes to get to the second. 
After the rest, before the restart, the beans 
seemed to be at a dark city roast level, maybe a 
very early full city. 
On 14 Nov 2002 at 9:47, Ken Mary wrote:
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3) From: Ken Mary
Yes, I knew that you restarted the roast, but I was doing something similar
to you in stopping completely rather than just turning down the heat. I
would rather err on the light side than go too far into second. The beans
are even better after another day's "rest".
My thinking in using this method is that less volatiles may be lost by
allowing the beans own heat (and roaster residual heat) to continue the
roast to the end in the absence of forced airflow.
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4) From: Jim Schulman
On 15 Nov 2002 at 7:21, Ken Mary wrote:
"Coasting" a roast to it's finish; sounds 
I did the Mattari, the Pearl Mountain Peaberry, 
and the Aged Sulawesi in this way yesterday (with 
restarts). I was pleased to notice that the first 
crack continued on all, and all were roughly in 
the same end of City roast stage at the restart. I 
think this technique may turn out more consistent 
than cooling spells.
We'll see about taste over the next few days.
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5) From: Jim Garlits
What is the Pearl Mountain peaberry like?  Do you recommend it?  I have PM
long bean and love it, and think its a very versatile coffee.  Earlier in
the week I stopped it just before city roast and ground it immediately for
brewing.  I'd never done that before, and man was it acidic.  Very bright.
I was surprised how much I liked it.  I like Kenya AA but have to be in the
mood for it.  I let the rest of the beans de-gas and it they evolved in to
what I was used to from Pearl Mountains.
What do y'all recommend right now for Sumatra and Kona?  Christmas is coming
Indiana Jim

6) From: Jim Schulman
Hi Jim,
You wrote:
I think I can work with it; I'm pasting in my 
(espresso) tasting notes so you can judge for 
ROAST: rolling second, 4 minutes from 1st crack to 
end, 1 minute interruption.
CREMA: 8.5 -- spectacular red/chocolate and gooey 
at first, but soon dissipated
AROMA: 9 -- medium powered east african wine and 
berry aromatics, very promising
BALANCE: 7 -- balanced acid and roast, but needs 
sweetness, marginal but still OK for espresso
FLAVOR: 7.5 -- powerful; non-specific citrus with 
light spice (ginger, cardamum, coriander like), 
very light flavors, needs dark ones for a balanced 
blend. Half point deduction for a slight hint of 
BODY: 8.5 -- excellent for a washed bean
FINISH: 8.5 - spice tones linger and sweeten 
leaving a nice freshness. 
TOTAL:  81.5/100 - Somehow the light flavors 
remind me of a middling CR or Panama, except 
there's spice instead of nut in the roast flavors, 
and the body is good.
CORRECTIVES: I need to roast this one lighter and 
longer. With luck, that'll sweeten it, carry the 
aroma into the flavor, and cut the salt taint. I 
think if I get it right, it could be special, a 
nice lemon/spice cookie espresso.
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7) From: Les & Becky
I like about 25% Brazilian mixed in with the Pearl Mountain when using it
for espresso.  I also like it roasted only 30-40 sec. into second crack.  I
think the smaller peaberry goes darker faster!  However, straight Pearl
Mountain vac potted is excellent INMNSHO.

8) From: Jim Schulman
Yeah, I overroasted it. Trying a new bean 
especially a peaberry, and a new roasting 
techinique may have been one new too many. I just 
put in the note so people could check if it's like 
the last Pearl Mountain (which I didn't try).
Brazil would help it in espresso, I'm also 
thinking something caramel or maple like a 
Columbian or Sulawesi so all that spice and zest 
would have something to attach to. But even with 
the misroast, I could taste that it was a very 
promising espresso ingredient.
On 15 Nov 2002 at 17:18, Les & Becky wrote:
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