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Topic: Best coffee brewer (20 msgs / 487 lines)
1) From: Dan Bollinger
I prefer to use an espresso machine to make Americanos.  I find they have
increased depth of flavor and more body.  Dan

2) From: John Abbott
	Its really a matter of taste -some like the body of a press over a brewed
cup.  I own a Cona Vacuum Pot and if I really want the best possible cup for
several of us - I use the Cona.  I cannot believe that a skilled brewer
couldn't produce a fairly close cup using one of the less expensive vacuum
pots.  But I really love my Cona.
John - loving life in the slow lane

3) From: Gary Zimmerman
Dale A. Taylor wrote:
No disrespect intended, but that's like asking a group of wine aficionados 
"what's the best wine" or beer lovers "what's the best beer" or movie buffs 
"what's the best film".  Ask 10 people and you're likely to get 15 
different (and all valid) responses.
-- garyZ
        & vacuum
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4) From: Rick Farris
Dale wrote:
I'll tell you what.  Tell me the *best* way to make chili, and I'll tell you
the best way to make coffee.
-- Rick
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5) From: John Abbott
After pulling a 22 second shot of Guatemalan Huehuetanago you prepare the
following (how's this for keeping it on topic)
Seven Pepper Chili
3 lbs. lean stew meat-beef, , ground coarse or in -inch cubes
1 lb. pork loin, ground coarse or cubed
2 tbsp. pure lard or shortening
3 large yellow onions, chopped fine
2 stalks of celery chopped
2 tsp. cumin seeds
1 tsp. ground cumin
7 cloves garlic
1 to 3 Tablespoons( or more to taste) of ground chilis. Use a variety of
different ones, i.e Chiles pasillas, equines, chile anchos, dried New Mexico
Chilis, etc..
1 tsp. Tabasco sauce
2 tsp. salt
5 jalapenos, fresh, seeded
3 cans tomatoes,
1 can beer (Mexican if you have it)
l-oz. square unsweetened chocolate (Or Mexican chocolate)
2 cups Beef Broth
Dried Pinto, black beans or kidney beans
or canned.
.. . Brown meat in fat until no longer pink. Add onions and and celery and
until clear. Combine in food processor or blender the cumin, garlic, and
all of the different chilies., Tabasco, salt, jalapenos, and I can of
tomatoes. Blend and set aside to steep. Add this mixture to the meat along
with the two cans of tomatoes, the beer, broth and chocolate. Turn fire
down real low and simmer least 2 hours. If using dried beans add them now.
Stir occasionally to keep it from sticking. If the meat you have used is
lean, you will probably have no fat to skim off, but if there is fat
floating on the top, skim. Once the chili has cooled, you can remove any
congealed fat. This keeps well and freezes well.
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6) From: Les & Becky
I agree with Dan!  The best flavor comes from a good Americano!  It simply
pulls all the flavor and complexity out of the bean without the "bowl you
over blast" of an espresso.
Enjoying an Americano of Kona Mountain roasted 10 sec. into second crack! as
I type.

7) From: Dale A. Taylor
What is the best way to brew  fresh roasted coffee to get optimum flavor? I
currently use the Melior French press. Will the Cona Vac Brewer do better or
is there something else I don't know about? Thanks for your help.
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8) From: jim gundlach
Allow me to offer a couple of suggestions about procedure:
On Friday, November 15, 2002, at 07:21 PM, John Abbott wrote:
    Go with the cubed only for both meats,  If you have it elk or 
venison makes a better chili than beef.
continue browning until both meat and onions are lightly browned then 
The chilies should be added to the meat , onions, and celery  for a 
couple of minutes over low heat to make a roux then add the stock to 
de-glaze the pan then add the others items from the food processor.
    Dried beans should be soaked for about six hours in cold water or 
brought to a simmer and allowed to set for at least an hour before 
being added to the chili.
End of back seat cooking.
Jim Gundlach
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9) From: John Abbott
	In case you missed my confession to Mike - I just grabbed this recipe from
the Internet trying to be funny. It becomes even funnier (if it was ever
funny) if you know I'm a vegetarian :O) Until 9 months ago I didn't think it
was a meal without a healthy (strange choice of words) cut of meat.  My
doctor took me off all animal protein because of a problem brought on by
diabetes.  Now, some 64 pounds lighter and 9 months later (sounds like I had
a big baby) I'm off all my diabetic medicines and wouldn't think of putting
LARD in the same vehicle with me, let alone in something I planned on
John - still dreaming of barbeque on a regular basis though

10) From: Lissa
On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 20:56, Dale A. Taylor wrote:
The important thing is what tastes best to you.  I like French press
coffee, but prefer vac pot coffee, in part because I love watching it. 
Both are better than drip, even with a gold filter.  The Swiss one cup
gold filter Tom sells rocks, though, and is simplicity itself.
If there is a method of brewing coffee that I don't own the equipment
for, I want to know, so I can buy it.
Be well,
Librarians have been conscripted into rat duty for the Ashcroft/Ridge
Black and Tans, and risk prosecution if they so much as whisper about
the loathsome things they're now forced to do in the name of Homeland
Thomas C. Greene, "Data Security for Linux Power Users"
www.theregister.co.uk 7 Nov. 2002
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11) From: Rick Farris
John, John.  And you call yourself a Texan...
Beans don't belong in chili, John.  Serve them on the side...
Iffy.  Verrry iffy.
-- Rick
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12) From: Rick Farris
John wrote:
John, when you brown meat you have to put some oil in the pan first.  Most
recipes call for 2 tbl.  That's the purpose of the lard.  It's not like
you're stirring in lard at the end.  The recipe calls for lard because lard
has flavor, whereas other oils don't have much.
-- Rick
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13) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 19:16 11/15/02, John Abbott typed:
Way to go John !!!
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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14) From: jim gundlach
    It turns out that you grabbed a fairly good recipe.  I've tried to =
move foods in a healthy direction before they take me to the point that =
I have to give up things like chili.  I use olive oil and lean meats.  =
Many of the peasant chili stews  were vegetarian, thus the beans.  Many =
self proclaimed purist say don't put beans into chili.  Chili as a stew =
thickener that adds flavor is an ancient cooking method that happens to =
add needed vitamins and minerals to a dish.  Lard is traditional 
because that was what the peasants had.  These kinds of oils only 
turned into a health problem when people started living long enough to =
die from degenerative diseases.  When it was rare for people to live 
past 40, these were not a problem.  But we don't need to throw out the =
chili with the lard any more than we need to throw out the baby with 
the bath water.
On Friday, November 15, 2002, at 09:16 PM, John Abbott wrote:
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15) From: John Abbott
	Oh, I'm aware of the flavoring of lard. One of the least best kept secrets
in American Marketing is that Americans love the taste of grease!  Dominos
was the first to offer deep dish pizzas - and they failed miserably and
withdrew the product. Then Pizza Hut came out with one and couldn't sell
them fast enough.  Domino spies quickly learned that Pizza Hut was putting
two tablespoons of melted lard on the pizza dough before adding the
toppings.  Dominos reintroduced their deep dish and this time it sold - with
the grease coating.  EVERY pizza made by dominos has a layer of lard under
the tomato sauce! If you are unfortunate enough to walk into a Dominos you
will see a white bucket sitting at the beginning of the make line - that's
the lard!
	When I retired I was really fighting a loosing battle with diabetes and
spinal neuropathy along with a moderate bone disease. 19 months ago my
kidneys began to fail.  I was walking with two canes and taking $485 a month
in medications. I went to a wonderful woman doctor who began working the
problems. Her most successful prescription was to take me off of virtually
all animal fat and proteins. She recommended it for a 30 day period to track
down the last traces of the protein problems. two weeks into the 100%
vegetarian diet, I began to feel better.  Now that I've been a 100%
vegetarian for 9 months, I've lost 65 pounds, walk everywhere without the
use of anything, and take absolutely NO medications.  So I wouldn't think of
putting lard or any animal protein or animal fat into my mouth!!
	My greatest fear through it all was that I was going to be asked to give up
coffee.  I actually bought a load of decaf coffees just in case - but my
doctor said that I derive more positives from the coffee than any "imagined"
deficits - so I roast on in pure joy.
	But as to being a Texan - I've lived here for 2 1/2 years and can now drink
Tabasco Sauce straight - munch on peppers without shedding a tear - and am
beginning to think that armadillos are cute and would make good pets.

16) From: Ken Mary
Lard is the secret ingredient in delicious, flaky pie crust also. I have
recently been using a little bacon grease in the skillet to add a different
flavor to fish, a welcome change from olive oil. Many long years ago, my
grandmother baked bread with her secret ingredient, bacon grease.
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17) From: John Abbott
I was raised in North Carolina up to my teens and EVERYTHING was cooked with
bacon grease. Every home had a grease can or jar in the refrigerator.  When
people talk about "Southern Cooking" they mean "with bacon grease."

18) From: Rick Farris
I was impressed when John mentioned eating habaneros raw.  I *have* done it,
but I won't do it anymore without a pint of half-and-half handy.  When I put
one of those babies in my mouth I immediately break out in hiccups.  That's
when you know it's hot!
-- Rick
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19) From:

20) From: Dave Huddle
Seems pretty common.  My Mom & Grandmother (Ft. Worth, Texas) always
had the bacon grease container available.
An ex-wife (also a Texan) did the same.
But I've never seen the drippings in a coffee can.
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