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Topic: Roasteries and Brew in Ann Arbor (7 msgs / 121 lines)
1) From: TRiddle854
I will be in Ann Arbor,MI  all next week on business. My home roasted coffee 
will be a long ways away. Do any of you avid home roasters in Ann Arbor know 
of a local coffee roasterie or bean shop that passes muster for a fresh 
roasted brew. Directions or a name appreciated with many thanks. My nose is 
not working well enough this week to lead me there.
KC-Tentamker- sipping and savoring the aroma of a fresh cup of Sumatra/India 
monsoon blend.

2) From: Leslie Smith
Well, I live in Ann Arbor, but I very rarely drink coffee in public...  I 
asked a friend, and she thinks Zingerman's has the best coffee in 
town.  They have a web site from which I imagine you could get 
directions.  We have a number of cafes, but I really don't know the status 
of their roasting capabilities.  Sorry not to be more helpful.
   - Leslie
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3) From: Lissa
On Sun, 2002-11-17 at 12:25, Leslie Smith wrote:
I haven't found a drinkable cup in Ann Arbor.  Zingerman's has wonderful
sandwiches, meats, cheeses, olive oils, teas, etc., but their beans are
boring and generally stale.  You'd be better off getting one of their
teas or their roasted maté, which is wonderful stuff.
Be well,
I have all these friends that have moved here from New York and L.A.
when they had kids, under the mistaken impression that it's easier to
protect your kids from Baptists than from gangs.
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4) From: Spencer W. Thomas
The Big 10 Party Store at least dates their beans.  They get them from 
Small World in Princeton (same place Zingermans gets their beans from), 
and mark the bins with the roast date.  Now, they are sitting in bins, 
open to the air...
My two favorite coffee shops are Zingerman's and Espresso Royale.  ER is 
more convenient to campus, depending on where you're going to be.
The quality of both places varies from day to day and barista to 
barista, but they are consistently better than *$, that's for sure! 
 But,... I generally get "milk" drinks when I'm paying someone else for 
them, so my observations apply only to their cappas, and not to the 
brewed coffee.  Sometimes (and sadly only sometimes) I get a really 
flavorful cup from one or the other.  And sometimes it's only slightly 
better than *$ charcoal.
There used to be a couple of places with the "little" hot-air roasters, 
but they both went out of business.  And there is at least one 
"wholesale" roaster, but I can't vouch for their quality at all.
Usually, I roast and brew my own! :-)
=Spencer in Ann Arbor
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5) From: David Westebbe
There's a place in Boston called Espresso Royale.  I wonder if they are
connected somehow?
The place in Boston once made me a pretty bad cup of espresso.  I tried them
again, and the second one was so bad I can't even imagine what they did to
concoct such a foul tasting brew.
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6) From:
On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 15:52:07 -0500
 "David Westebbe"  wrote:
No, they aren't.  Both are bad, though.
Be well,
who has lived in both places
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7) From: Spencer W. Thomas
They are a small chain, so it's possible that they're connected (the web 
site lists 4 Boston locations).  My observation is that quality in 
espresso drinks depends very heavily on the attitudes and training of 
the ON-SITE staff, which depends on the ON-SITE manager.  Of course, 
corporate oversight can help, but doesn't guarantee quality.  
David Westebbe wrote:
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