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Topic: Water too hot (5 msgs / 102 lines)
1) From: Owen Davies
At least, I'm almost sure that is why my results with
the French press are so variable.  I've got the timing
down, and the quantities of coffee and water are
constant, but I can't reliably control the water temp.
As a result, yesterday's coffee was really quite good
(in spite of being Starbucks French roast), while this
morning's tasted very thin.  Does anyone know where
to get a kettle with a thermostat, or should I just settle
for buying a thermometer?
Owen Davies
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2) From: Bob Szanto
Hi Owen,
I solved thi problem by buying a $10 Regal Hot Pot at Bed Bath and
Beyond and the putting a frothing thermometer through a hole I drilled
in its lid.  I am consistantly able to brew at 200 deg.  Occassionally I
check the accuracy of the thermometer by taking a temp reading with a
Owen Davies wrote:
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3) From: Owen Davies
Bob Szanto wrote:
Sounds good to me.  Thanks.
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4) From: David Lewis
At 10:42 AM -0500 11/16/02, Owen Davies wrote:
We have an old Russell Hobbs tea kettle; the one we have is at the 
top of , but I have no doubt 
the others are also good. The thermostat cuts the power a few seconds 
after boiling starts, so timing from when that happens gives you a 
pretty consistent temperature.
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5) From: Daniel Rock
I find a whistling kettle rather simple and quite accurate. When it
whistles your done and it makes sure you don't forget the pot in the
morning fog

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