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Topic: AutoTamper - Where To Go From Here? (7 msgs / 119 lines)
1) From: Martin Reuben
So far I've got a pretty good autotamper.  And it's only cost $25 so far.
I ordered the half ton arbor press from MSC Direct and threaded the base
from an extra 58mm tamper into it.  The single portafilter fits perfectly
into the opening.  The pressure is consistent and perfectly flat.  It's
possible to overtamp, but you do have to push very hard.
Check it out at:http://home.attbi.com/~mdreuben/autotamper/autotamper.jpgI'd like to add a pressure gauge or scale to it to make sure that I'm
tamping to the same pressure every time.  Can anyone come up with any
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
Nice work!  Why not build a 'U' shaped saddle for the PF to sit in supported
by two springs?  As force is supplied, the PF and saddle will lower. You can
add a pointer on the saddle pointing to a scale on the arbor press' throat
surface.  You will need some guides or a way of making sure the saddle stay
horizontal as it lowers so you get a good reading.  Dan
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3) From: Dan Bollinger
Martin, This ain't an autotamper, btw.  It's a pet peeve of mine, the
improper use of the prefix 'auto-.'    Auto- requires a feedback loop.
Technically, this is a mechanical tamper.  Add a scale and it is a
calibrated mechanical tamper.  Add some sort of trigger device that stops
the pressure when the set pressure is achieved, creating a feedback loop,
and you have an autotamper. nit-picking for sure,  Dan
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4) From: Jack Berry
I think you've got a winner Martin! 
I never got past the thinking stage but always thought
a corkscrew type post, weighted at top with 25-35 lbs
and a tamper on bottom might work if you could make it
easy to raise & lower. 
Your press makes it easy. If you add the 25-35# weight
to the top you'll have an exactly repeating
tamper.Does it seem possible to add a weight to the
--- Martin Reuben  wrote:
over-tamppossible to overtamp, but you do have to push
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5) From: Rick Farris
Martin wrote:
That is cool, dude!
I can't think of any way to add a scale that wouldn't be hokey.  The best
idea I can think of is one of those spring scales like you would weigh a
fish with.  There are several places to attach it, but I think you should
just learn about how hard to pull the handle.  It's not *that* crucial
Wait...wait...how about removing the handle and replacing it with a torque
wrench?  You'd have to calibrate the difference between indicated torque and
pressure at the tamper, but that would be a one-time operation...
-- Rick
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6) From: Rick Farris
I wrote:
And then if you got one of those "breakover" torque wrenches, once you got
it set for 30 pounds, it *would* be an autotamper!
-- Rick
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7) From: Andrew Thomas
Nice looking tamper, Martin. How is it to use, ergonomically, convenience-wise, time-wise, etc.? I have an old bottle capper that I may modify in a similar way, maybe, some day.   Andy
--- Martin Reuben  wrote:
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