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1) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey gang, did you ever think this is a great practical joke, So everyone =
gives the strawberries a try, now your teeth are not brown, but a nice =
pink, and Susan is just laughing her head off. NO, she wouldn't do that, =
would she  No I don't think Susan would do that, well mabey, :O)
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Photogal1966
yeah. I do brush my teeth with a Coffee Drinker's toothpaste (I buy it at 
Wal-Mart) but, I am not sure how much good it does, considering I usually 
finish my morning coffee AFTER I brush my teeth!

3) From: John Abbott
No - I've learned to smile as well as talk with my mouth shut :O)  I've been
using a whitener for about a year now - but its an ongoing war.  How do the
Strawberries work? I'd have trouble not just eating them!

4) From: John Abbott
OK - I'm game!  I'll give it a try.  How many days do I have to do this to
see a difference?

5) From: jim gundlach
I do not see any reason not to try.
    Jim Gundlach
On Thursday, November 21, 2002, at 07:08 PM, susan oppenheim wrote:
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6) From: John Abbott
Hold on - I need to go get some strawberries.  Of course after I brush I'll
be hungry most of the day. I have used strawberries as my candy for years
and years.

7) From: Angelo
Patient: "Doc, my teeth have gotten yellow from drinking coffee. What 
should I do???"
Dentist: "Wear a brown tie..."
Problem solved......Thank you Rodney D.
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8) From: jim gundlach
OK.  Whose going to get the paint chips for this color changing 
    Jim Gundlach
On Thursday, November 21, 2002, at 07:49 PM, susan oppenheim wrote:
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9) From: Lissa
On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 20:08, susan oppenheim wrote:
Yes.  This is proof that I am a superior being, who loves coffee .
Be well,
who also has nic stains on her hands...
I have all these friends that have moved here from New York and L.A.
when they had kids, under the mistaken impression that it's easier to
protect your kids from Baptists than from gangs.
Steve Earle, on Nashville, TN, in "The Salon Interview: Steve Earle", 
13 Nov. 2002, salon.com
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10) From: Barkan, Jason
Strawberries, charcoal, I'm going to try those ... 
there's always baking soda, though I'm sure most folks know about that one.
If not... try sprinkling some baking soda on your toothpaste (these days
they sell toothpaste with the baking soda in it)
I tried tooth whitener toothpaste for awhile but didn't see an appreciable
difference.  Seriously considering paying a dentist for some type of
professional whitening.  Not that my teeth are so bad, they're just not
sparkling white.

11) From: EuropaChris
I go to my dentist every 6 mos. for a cleaning.  They use a little sandblaster machine rather than the rotary polisher.  The sandblaster uses a salt/baking soda/water mixture.  Tastes good, and takes off the stains quite well.
"Barkan, Jason"  wrote:
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12) From: susan oppenheim
I wonder
is anyone else's teeth showing coffee stains?????
I am trying to brush with a mashed fresh strawberry-it whitens your
and now for something completely different.............
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13) From: susan oppenheim
you would not want the taste of toothpaste in your mouth all day when
you could have fresh roasted coffee taste instead
-we all know that one
Photogal1966 wrote:

14) From: susan oppenheim
I read this in a newlywed's manual
remember those??
if you take a ripe strawberry and mush it up and put the mush on your
toothbrush and brush with it
it will remove all the stains
it's really amazing
let me know after you try it
John Abbott wrote:
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15) From: susan oppenheim
John you will notice it immediately
so-tell me tomorrow......
John Abbott wrote:
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16) From: susan oppenheim
there is this one other alternative
not for me
now-you outdoor roasters have a glut of charcoal or ash and that's supposed to
work pretty good on a toothbrush as well
have fun y'all
John Abbott wrote:
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