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Topic: Ohhh Bad Precedent (8 msgs / 167 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
We've just used a small roast of Kona and melted down some Gadiva chocolate
and made chocolate covered beans. This could really be habit forming!
Probably a sinful waste of both coffee and chocolate - but MAN IS IT GOOD!!
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2) From: Mike McGinness
From: "John Abbott" 
Sound outstanding. Not, not a waste. I use chocolate covered Kona beans I
get from Pele Plantations as 'late service call' emergency energy. Keep a
baggie of 'em handy... Yours most likely taste even better!
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
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3) From: TFisher511
I thought you weren't allowed to eat candy? Please don't risk your health for 
a little chocolate. I can help. Just mail them ASAP to mystreet, 
Clearwater,FL and I will properly dispose of them. Oh the things we suffer to 
help others.
Terry F
I am sure you look cute with the pink teeth, much better than the old coffee 
brown :)
coffee writes:

4) From: Jonathan Carr
Agreed, home-made home-roasted chocolate-covered coffee beans are a 
wonderful treat.
Personally, however, I wouldn't recommend Godiva. My vote would be 
for the Italian brand Domori . Their "Break" 
blend is excellent, and the unconventional "Barrique" is a WOW.
Among the US brands, the former champagne maker Scharffen Berger 
 is pretty good (and is located in 
Berkeley, real close to Sweet Maria's.)
regards, jonathan carr
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5) From: Spencer W. Thomas
I have to agree that Scharffen Berger chocolate is excellent. In coffee
terms, it's a great Mocha-Java blend (Yirg and Jampit??)
One local shop carries both Scharffen Berger and an "estate" chocolate
from Venezuela (El Rey). I recently bought a bar of each brand's
"bittersweet" (70% cacao, more or less) for comparison. The Sharffen
Berger was excellent and balanced, with plenty of "cocoa" flavor but
also some nice fruity and smoky notes. The El Rey was also excellent,
but very different with a strong fruity component.
I liken the difference to that between a good coffee blend and a single
bean coffee.
I understand that other "boutique" chocolate firms are coming out with
some "single-bean" bars. If you're looking to branch out from coffee,
this may be it! :-)
Jonathan Carr wrote:
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6) From: John Abbott
You of course are correct about my not eating chocolate - and I almost never
do, but I am married to a hopeless chocoholic and after tasting the bean it
just seemed like the best next step.  I ate a couple, in the interest of
science, and it was hard to leave them alone. You are indeed a true friend
for attempting to rescue me from them, but my wife shows her teeth and
growls when I get close to the bowl so I don't think it will work.

7) From: John Abbott
	I live 1500 yards from the Rio Grande River and Mexico.  Hispanics don't
like super sweet anything and I'm just happy to be able to find Godiva down
here.  We had a long standing relationship with Julius Boehms (Boehms
Chocolate and Edelweiss Chalet) and George Tedlock and his family. We have
been raised on Swiss chocolate and really prefer the taste.  When life is
good, we get an order into Boehms.  But thanks for the new directions - I'm
sure my wife will give each a try.

8) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Jonathan Carr" 
Now cut that out! Somehow both URLs are now bookmarked...:-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
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