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Topic: tale of woe and much anguish (14 msgs / 331 lines)
1) From: Lee XOC
I have very fond memories of last year's legendary aged Mandheling ...
for me it was just about perfect.  When there was no more to be had I
spent the majority of this year variety-hopping, sampling this and
that, but never finding anything that really hit the spot ... until I
came across that wonderful Kenya Karani.  Mm-mmm.  The pound I ordered
ran out ... better replace it.  Oops - out of stock.  Damn.  Well,
what's this Karumandi, maybe I'll try that.  Wow.  WOW!  This is the
best stuff I've ever had!
Well, then I saw the notice that another aged Sumatra was on the way.
Oh joy!  Rapture!  I quickly formulated a plan:  I'd wait until I
could order a pound of the new batch of aged Sumatra, taste test, and
then place a large order of either that or the Karumandi to keep me
happy all Winter.
Well the Sumatra arrived a couple days ago, and I immediately roasted
up a small batch, let it rest for 24 hours, and tasted it this
morning.  Well, it's ... interesting ... but nothing compared to my
beloved Karumandi.  Okay - decision made!
So click-click ... sweetmarias.com, navigate-navigate, scroll-scroll,
Karumandi ... "OUT OF STOCK!"
AHHHHRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... NO ... please no
no no nooooo ....
I came *this* close to throwing my coffee cup against the wall.
I am distraught - utterly defeated - at the nadir of all existence.
Thanks for letting me get this out ... now back to your regularly
scheduled shot-pull.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lee / San Diego
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2) From: John Abbott
	I feel your pain.  Been there - missed that!   The only remedy is to order
5# of anything as soon as you THINK you might like it. Then if you confirm
that you like it a 20# order goes in immediately.  My problem is that I rave
about a coffee when I try it - only to find that it is gone when I go to
reorder.  I think the best thing to do is circulate wild rumors about how
bad a bean is - if you want any later :O)

3) From: Les & Becky
I am so sorry Lee!  Welcome to the world of home roast!  That is why I
always order two pounders.  That is why many of us have stashes of over 100
lbs.  However, 17 years ago when I began homeroasting, I thought about
taking a "panhandler" course so I could get roasters to sell green beans to
me.  I also was happy when my stash had more that 3 or 4 varieties.  Now I
have well over 30!  Life is good for the homeroaster if you look at it with
a little historical perspective.  I was also sold beans that were usually
over a year old, Tom gets us fresh beans!  Now that you have discovered you
like the Kenya Coffees, (one of my favorite too) you can jump on them when
they come in.  You may want to give the Uganda a try.  It is my favorite
African coffee.  The wet processed Ethiopians are nothing to sneeze at
Roasting in S. Oregon

4) From: hlhurd
I sympathize, I felt the same anguish when the Columbian Bucaramanga sold
out before I could reorder.
I loved that aged Mandheling and the Kenya Karumandi also.  Try the
Nicaraguan Free Trade Segovia.
You will be more than pleased.
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5) From: Jim Schulman
OUT!?! I just spent two months coming up with an 
espresso blend for Karamundi. 
[expletives deleted]
On 21 Nov 2002 at 10:19, Lee XOC wrote:
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6) From: Rick Farris
Holly wrote:
The Bucaramanga is gone?!!!  Dammit.
The Karumandi is pretty good.  It seems to be very sensitive to water
brewing temperature.  Here at 4500' I have to preheat my Chemex, heat water
for each pour-over, and set the carafe on a hot-pad, or else it comes out
Now there's some fine coffee.  I definitely went for 20# of that stuff.
Each week I roast up about a pound of Segovia and a pound of something else
and alternate back and forth.  The Segovia is my baseline for comparison.
-- Rick
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7) From: Zara Haimo
I'm still kicking myself for not ordering 100#s of Miel while it was still
in stock.  Any suggestions on a good alternative?
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8) From: John Abbott
Panama Mama Cata!!

9) From: Lee XOC
Thanks everyone for the great advice and encouraging words.  I have
learned my lesson - from now on those special coffees will be horded
with a caffeinated sense of urgency!
Seeing the "good" in this kind of thing, I think I prefer the reality
of having annual lots of coffee that come and go, and when they are
gone they are gone forever, to the surreality of manufactured products
that are coldly identical month after year after decade after century.
It wouldn't be special if it wasn't exactly the way it is.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lee / San Diego
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10) From: hlhurd
If you enjoy Segovia & liked the Bucaramanga try the Brazilian Mogiana if
you haven't already.
I managed to roast it to the sweet spot, just into 2nd crack, the first time
It is Smooth, great body.
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11) From: steve_w
Better move fast on the Mama Cata.  The 20 lb. order button has been
replaced with the text "low stock", and I noticed something just like that
happened with the Karamundi about a day before they ran out.
Steve Wall
Quoting John Abbott :
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12) From: R.N.Kyle
See I told you Terry , Wendy has placed 2 orders this week to SM's no I =
reiterate its not addictive:O)
But what a reward for your efforts. 
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

13) From: Wendy Sarrett
After seeing this out of curiosity I ordered some.   I also ordered a
vac pot (Yama) that I had been looking at for the past few days...I'm
very curious to try it out (perhaps my weekend pot?)  This is my second
order from SM this week. Yeesh...too bad one can't buy stock in SM :-)
(Warren Buffett says you should buy stock in companies whose product you
understand and use! :-)) Still, there's a bunch of people I want to send
a roast to (Friends, Family, etc.) I bought 25 gold foil bags for that
purpose the other day and I'll need beans to fill them.  The challenges
will be learning how to roast the decaf for my Parents (they only drink
decaf) and to get the espresso roast very dark (w/o burning) for my
Brother and Sister-In-Law (she likes her espresso roasts VERY dark.)

14) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 07:16 11/22/02, steve_w typed:
Ditto on the Java Jampit.  It went down to purchasing by the single pound 
only when I got my last few pounds (which I am now hoarding).  Two days 
later it was gone.  I think it is something simply that you have to get 
used to.  Like fresh produce in the summer, squash in the autumn etc.  Just 
have to learn the coffee cycles.
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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