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Topic: My First roast in the snow! (5 msgs / 159 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
That's great Tom, I envy you guys that have the knowledge to do such a =
modification, I felt lucky to have been able to add a 3 way switch to my =
WB popper.Id love to profile my roast with my lap top controlling the =
roast, but I simply do not have the knowledge.. but congrats to those =
who do.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: R.N.Kyle
It's not real hard, and If you want I will detail the instruction out =
for you but I don't have a camera it will be text only. mabey someone on =
the list has this modification and some pictures to go with it?
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

3) From: Tom Gramila
A brief cry of success, this mornings roast was done outdoors as usual,
but this is the first time that it has been snowing! (I'm on a screened in
porch, so the snow that hit me and the roaster was only the small bits
that found their way through the openings...) The temperature was 34
degrees, but the roasting worked just fine.
I had been working on making my roast process immune to the outdoor
temperature effects after noticing changes when the outdoor temperature
changed.  I am running a computer controlled roast in a poppery II, with
thermocouples after the heater, and in the coffee chamber.  The computer
determines the duty cycle of the heater, to effect a profile based on Mike
Mcginness' interpetation of the black bear profile.
	Tom G.
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4) From: Barkan, Jason
Well, don't feel too bad Kyle.  I envy you guys who can put 3-way switches
on your poppers.  What do you do, splice the A/C and send a separate lead to
the fan / heater?  I'm still 4 years from my EE degree so don't laugh too
hard. -

5) From: Tom Gramila
There are some really good pictures at:
http://members.shaw.ca/espressomio/poptwo.htmlThese pictures were a big help when I didn't even know that I WANTED to
have a 3-way switch (or more) on my popcorn popper.  A really good aid to
even see how to take the thing apart.  Circuit diagram included at the
I was also helped by:
http://my.execpc.com/~n9zes/homeroast/roast.htmlOne thing to take care of with the poppery II, the motor is actually a DC
motor which wants LESS THAN the 120 volts you get from the line.  If you
look at the circuit diagram, there is a second, higher resistance heater
element in series aith the motor, and then a set of diodes soldered onto
the motor to rectify the AC.  (the diodes are not included in the circuit
diagram)  if you plug the motor into a second cable, make sure that you
wire the high resistance heater and the motor together, or your motor may
get all 120 volts, and be toasted.  The original poppery is an AC motor
which can take line voltage.
On Fri, 22 Nov 2002,  R.N.Kyle  wrote:
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