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Topic: chaff taste (8 msgs / 201 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
I'm with you Jim, in the name of science, and discovery, we tend to do =
things we normally would not do.
Sipping on a cup of Celebs, PGN blend, rich and syrupy, YUM
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: john kangas
I've seen the subject of off tastes due to chaff come up occasionally, 
described as being grassy, burnt, salt, etc. I got curious, and did some 
independant verification.
I use a metal mesh strainer to catch chaff during roasting, and this time I 
saved it, stuffed it into a tea strainer, and made tea with espresso-temp 
water. Brewing time was 90 seconds, I rarely brew coffee any longer than 
I once went on a trip to an oat farm in high school. There was a massive 
mound of freshly harvested oats there. Chaff tea smells exactly like that 
mound smelled. For the sake of science, a tentative sip was taken. Chaff tea 
tastes exactly like the smell. The sink eagerly drank it all, ending the 
So now I can identify a chaff component of coffee taste. (Yrgacheffe chaff, 
anyways!) Maybe not, there's not much that makes it to the cup, compared to 
this concoction.
Questioning my sanity,
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3) From: Jim Schulman
Ok, John, 
This one goes into my "heroic efforts in the 
pursuit of knowledge" file
On 23 Nov 2002 at 5:47, john kangas wrote:
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4) From: John Abbott
John,  I used to think of it as salty - and had complained about the amount
of chaff remaining with the roasted beans on the HotTop roaster. HV, who
haunts this list and al.coffee, dropped me a note off list and asked me to
run the same experiment. I found that the flavor was bland and not at all
salty.  Although I still work at removing as much chaff as possible, I don't
worry at all about it effecting the cup. I do, however worry about it
clogging the grinder.
John - the retired version

5) From: Ed Needham
I used to grind my coffee, then take a blow dryer (out in my garage) to it to
blow away any remaining chaff as I shook and agitated the grounds.  The
resulting cup was very smooth, without the characteristic bite that excess
chaff imparts.  I don't remember now why I stopped doing that.  Hmmmm...
Ed Needhamhttp://www.homeroaster.comed

6) From: Michael Vanecek
LOL - reminds me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! "Hmmm, who can I test this 
on? No one? Well, bottoms up!" :) Well, thanks for suffering for the 
rest of us. Now my burning desire to brew my chaff has been quenched.
Jim Schulman wrote:
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7) From: Andrew Boardman
Like coffee, I've found that the taste of chaff kinda grows on me after
time.  After roasting a batch I'll often grab a pinch of the chaff and eat
it like that (from the chaff collector of the HWP).
Of course, no doubt this could just be a sign that I've been roasting my own
coffee way way too long.
Kind of interesting how the taste of the chaff differs from coffee to
coffee, too...
-- Andrew
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8) From: john kangas
Message: 34
From: "Andrew Boardman" 
Hey... I know what you're up to... It's not gonna work! ;-) My curiosity is 
all used up for at least a couple months! Well, not quite, I've set some 
aside to wonder what could have possessed me to do this. Normal people don't 
do this kind of thing, they force down some folgers and get on with the rest 
of life. They aren't bothered by the origin of the slight sour edge to this 
morning's espresso, maybe it was the temp, the roast, maybe one funny 
bean... They say, bleah, drown that thing in milk and syrup! (madness, I 
I've come to the conclusion that the cause of this experiment is the very 
same thing that caused the vietnamese robusta Tom had a while back to sell 
out. I tried that, too, Mike M. graciously (sadistically? ;-)donated a 
quarter pound, in the name of science.
I think I need to go ponder this over an espresso, espresso's good for 
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