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1) From: Mike McGinness
I've further refined my Christmas coffee gift giving for this year. Rather
than giving a bunch of different coffee 1/4 pounders all at once I'm making
up my own Coffee Club. Decided to keep it to a couple at a time. Then
depending on the recipient, either every or every other month another couple
different beans. I'm thinking to also make a use label to go on the back
extolling the virtues of NOT SAVING it, grind for immediate use only, use by
10 days from roast date or air tight freeze up to a month etc... Gee, I'll
even have plenty of 1/4# zip valve bags to put it in :-)
Added advantage for me is not needing a 12-16hr gift roast session! It'll
cost more in the long run sending to out of town recipients, but hey, I
think they'll enjoy it more and maybe get 'em hooked on fresh home roast in
the process!
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
Sipping, sloshing, slurping even gargling a wonderful early evening Fall 02
Kona Mountain Peaberry Americano. Quite the complex elixir. (Debi does give
me funny faces at times...:-)
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
Mike, Sounds like a great idea, and smart, too.  Dan

3) From: Jim Schulman
Great idea, your very own coffee of the month 
club! Jim
On 23 Nov 2002 at 17:17, Mike McGinness wrote:
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4) From: TFisher511
I like the idea Mike. Especially since I know you have my address :=)
Terry F
mdmint writes:

5) From: jim gundlach
On Saturday, November 23, 2002, at 07:17 PM, Mike McGinness wrote:
Or they will keep hounding you for more.
Jim Gundlach
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