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Topic: Cool Alp revisited & revealed (5 msgs / 130 lines)
1) From: Bob Trancho
A belated thanks to those who responded to my post concerning my Alp
which was running very cool.  
I went so far as to contact Swissmar about returning the unit, when I
suddenly had a roast that hit first crack at @15 minutes and finished 30
seconds in 2nd crack around 18 minutes.  When I looked for any factors
that might have changed, I realized that I had forgotten to turn on the
exhaust vent setup I had constructed soon after buying the Alp until the
smoke started at the onset of first crack.  Then it dawned on me - I was
sucking too much hot air from the roaster with the vent fan!
I made two changes that have completely solved the problem.  1) I turn
the Alp vent assembly to face downward during the roast so that it isn't
facing the vent fan. 2) I don't turn on the vent until the first signs
of smoke - usually around 12-14 minutes.
Here are some pictures of my setup www.trancho.net/javastuff/
I'd appreciate comments from other Alp owners who have made vent setups.
I think that I made mine too low - it just clears the Alp by 1/2" or so.
This may also help other Alp users who vent their roaster in a similar
Bob Trancho
(Hey Mike - I still Rock the Rosto regularly, too!)
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2) From: Rick Farris
Bob wrote:
That is very interesting, Bob.  In the top picture (kitchen counter) what is
the metal box attached to the inside top of the wooden box?
In the picture of the variac, is that the variac from that place in Arizona
near Phoenix?  ~$110 delivered?
-- Rick
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3) From: Bob Trancho
The metal box is the guts of the bathroom fan - there is no real need
for the plastic stuff that you'd use if installing it in a room. I
bought the variac from Circuit Specialists (www,webtronics.com).
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4) From: Ken Parker
I have a similar venting setup for the Alp as you. However, my hood
might have a little more headroom than yours has. Check out:http://www.beyondthesecondcrack.com/AlpVenting.htm My Alp consistently
works in the 17-19 minute range for darker roasts. I turn on the fan
when I start the roast and it runs throughout the roasting cycle.
Ken Parker
(I've referenced these pictures a couple of times before, but every 6
months or so someone raises the Alp venting issue. To the old timers on
the list, please accept my apologies for "over posting".)

5) From: Bob Trancho
Ken parker wrote:
If I had a dedicated space for roasting, I would have used your design.
But since I have to setup and take down each time a roast, the fan had
to be built in to the housing.  I'm thinking that I'll just add about 3
inches around the base to bring it up higher.
Bob Trancho
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