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Topic: any good advice for cooling beans? (8 msgs / 213 lines)
1) From: Barkan, Jason
Does anyone know of a good method for cooling beans using conventional
I have been sticking the beans in the freezer for a few minutes directly
after roasting, then bagging in vacuum seal bags.  Usually I only roast 1/2
- 1/4 pound at a time, so space is not a problem....
Thank you, 
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2) From: David Westebbe
You can put them in a metal colander and stir them with a wooden spoon. You
can spread them out on a cookie sheet.  You can toss them through the air
between two colanders.  You can put a colander on top of a box fan and stir
the beans as the heat gets sucked away. You can pour them into a heavy glass
or ceramic bowl.  Any of the "heat sink" type equipment can have been put in
the freezer.
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3) From: Jim Friedlander
I bought an electric fan for about $10.  I leave the beans in a mesh
strainer and put them in front of the fan...works like a charm.

4) From: floyd burton
I bake a lot and there are aluminum cookie sheets with fairly high sides
which cost under $10.  AL sucks heat out of about anything-in the winter
place them outside and get them cold and the beans should cool off asap.
This will also help find any bits of foreign objects to help prevent FOD to
your precious burrs.  Freezing for that short of a time IMHO is not a good
idea.  Do u get condensation on the bags.  I put my freshly roasted cold
beans into small Mason jars which hold 1 cup of beans almost perfectly-leave
the lid loose for out gassing and then crank her down after 24 hours.  Works
well for me and no disposal issues.  Lots of discussion about what effect
freezing has on beans-should not be much water in them but there is still a
lot of chemistry going on after the roast.  For all I know freezing
immediately after roasting could produce better brews.  Roasting is an
exploratory art and nobody has a lock on it.

5) From: Larry Palletti

6) From: Lissa
On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 10:03, David Westebbe wrote:
I've used the freezer method, and it works *if* I remember to pull the
beans out as soon as they are cool.  Otherwise, they pick up flavours,
and start to sweat.  
For small batches (from a Poppery, an HWG or a HP), you can use two
sieves rather than two colanders, if storage space is an issue.  This is
my favourite method, especially in the winter.  When I start to get cold
in a t-shirt, they are cool enough .
Be well,
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7) From: Wendy Sarrett

8) From: Ed Needham
I put my beans in a wire colander on a box fan pointing upward.  It cools the
beans really fast, and blows the chaff away.  Of course I do this outside.
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