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Topic: brewing question (coffee urn?) (13 msgs / 479 lines)
1) From: Marchiori, Alan
I was browsing the SM site and finally got around to reading all of the
brewing advice section.  I was somewhat suprised by this section:
"Make more: For a somewhat mysterious reason, filter-brewed coffee tastes
better the more you make. Ever notice how the coffee from big gas-fired urns
at a cafe tastes better than the same coffee you brew at home? Strange! As a
side note, I am upset that so many cafes have gone to systems that brew
coffee into a pump thermos. The coffee isn't as good as that made in 2-3
gallon urns. Period! Coffeehouses are doing this because they are
offensively frugal, and they want to offer mocha-berry-crunch flavored
coffee along with ten other kinds. A conscientious coffee house makes coffee
in big urns, and dumps what it cannot sell once an hour."
(fromhttp://www.sweetmarias.com/grind.brew.html)I had previuosly thought brewing into an airpot was the best way to brew
coffee for a lot of people.  Additionally, the coffee urns I found on the
net quickly look much like a percolator which is somewhat freightening.  It
looks like the urns have a built in heating element that keeps the coffee
warm, I thought this was a no-no.
Anyone care to comment on the airpot vs. urns issue?  I'm not convinced that
SMs isn't somehow connected to a big coffee urn company.
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2) From: John Abbott
I use a Cona Vacuum pot and NOTHING can touch it!  (OK maybe a Royal)

3) From: Marchiori, Alan
I've got the Yama, I agree vacuum pot is the way to go for 1-4 people who
are going to drink it immediately.
But, if I wanted to make coffee for 20+ people, and want it to taste good
and stay warm for an hour or two while not spending hours brewing pot after
pot in my vac-pot what do i do?... (i know i'm asking a lot, obviously I
will have to compromise a little bit here and there)  If anyone is wondering
why I need to do this I'd like to be able to make good coffee for our office
(20-30 people) and I'd like to have coffee at our christmas party for our

4) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Marchiori, Alan" 
Without drastically compromising taste, IMNSHO, maybe the only real solution
is a super-automatic. Each cupped ground and brewed at the touch of a
button.  I taste a noticable degrading in flavor in a good glasss lined
thermal pot in an hour or less. Any method keeping heat actively applied to
the brewed coffee is even worse. Of course, YMMV.
MM;-) aka Kona Krazy miKe mcKoffee
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
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5) From: Lissa
On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 12:07, Marchiori, Alan wrote:
Thermoses and thermal carafes.  I'm doing the same kind of thing for the
wonderful librarians I work for.  It won't be up the the quality of a
vac pot or french press, but it'll be better than most of them have ever
Be well,
When you reread your stuff and think, "Damn, I'm good!" you may be in
Scott Rice, in "A Huge Inferno of Fire : Guillaume Destot interviews
Scott Rice", Jan, 2002, www.3ammagazine.com
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6) From: Mark A. Chalkley
Enthusiastically agreed to!
Haven't used a Cona, but as well as they hold to the "established
design principles" for vac pots, I'm sure they work extremely well. As
for the Harios and Royal, I can vouch for the fact that they produce
an extremely good cup of coffee.
So, as has been said, for smaller amounts, promptly consumed, it's
hard to equal the quality vac pots - and I don't think anything can
best them.
Mark C.
On Tuesday, November 26, 2002, 11:48:36 AM, John Abbott wrote:
JA> I use a Cona Vacuum pot and NOTHING can touch it!  (OK maybe a Royal)

7) From: David Westebbe
It makes no sense to me that using a giant percolator will produce good
coffee.  Indeed, I have never had superior coffee from any urn.
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8) From: John Abbott
Anything BUT an urn!!  Use some thermos carafes?

9) From: John Abbott
Not even going to look in the bottom of the average urn at the rancid coffee
oil around the stem socket!!  U G L Y !!!

10) From: Marchiori, Alan
Now that we are all agreed, why does this pagehttp://www.sweetmarias.com/grind.brew.htmlsay airpots are evil and urns are
the way to go?

11) From: Rick Farris
Alan wrote:
This isn't going to help you any, but the airpots are not all that much
better than a properly adjusted keep warm element.  The whole point is that
coffee oxidizes rapidly at brewing temperature.  Whether you keep it at that
temperature by confining the heat in a thermos or by replacing the heat with
a heating element, the coffee is still burning.
The proper way to enjoy coffee (he said in full CSA mode) is to brew the
amount you and your party are going to drink immediately and when that is
done, brew some more.
-- Rick
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12) From: Mark

13) From: Marchiori, Alan
Hey, thanks for at least trying to address the question I was really
interested in.  :)
Somehow everyone else was missing this point.  I guess I'll have to try both
and do whichever I like better (airpot or big drip machine/urn).

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