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1) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey Gang, I two coffees I've roasted and just can't hit the sweet spot =
although they OK but not outstanding, and mabey they just will never be =
outstanding at any roast and rest
1 Mexican Altura
Thanks ahead of time to all that respond to this post.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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2) From: R.N.Kyle
Thanks Owen, I haven't gone that far with the roast yet. I will give it =
a try.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

3) From: R.N.Kyle
Thanks Holly, I've been roasting into 2nd crack , mabey that's a tad to =
far, I will try the city, just though 1st crack, but not into 2nd.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

4) From: Owen Davies
R.N.Kyle wrote of problems with:
Not worth much, but two of my favorite coffees were
a Mexican Altura, from a store on the north edge of
Greenwich Village, and a PNG from a roaster in
Keene, NH.  Both were French roasts, which may
say more about my taste in coffee than about the best
uses for these varieties.  Of the two, the Altura seems,
in distant memory, possibly the best coffee I've ever had.
However, another "Altura French roast" from McNulty's
was merely the best we could find after the other store
died, some 20 years ago.
Owen Davies
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5) From: hlhurd
Hi Ron,
I roasted some new 02 Papua New Guinea -Kimel last week.  I stopped the
roast at City, medium brown, uniform coloration, very little chaff.  Brewed
first time after about 10 hrs.  I liked it a lot, smooth, big body but
bright too.  Good luck
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6) From: Owen Davies
Ron Kyle wrote:
Do note that I mentioned the French roast PNG to a Vermont roaster,
and he found the idea positively bizarre.  Seemed like a knowledgable
and dedicated guy, though I knew even less about roasting then than
I do now--and I haven't placed my first order with SM yet.  His view
was that PNG was a much too complex, sophisticated variety to
waste it by roasting the subtleties out of it.  FWIW.
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7) From: David Westebbe
Who was that?  Was it a commercial roaster or a homeroaster?
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8) From: Owen Davies
David Westebbe asked:
They were a little commercial roaster whose products were
available only in one of the stores we frequented, apparently
the farthest outpost in their marketing area.  Their name escapes
me at the moment.  They actually had a dark French roast named
"Charbux," or maybe "Charbucks" and another that I think was
called "Black Bear" or something similar.
I called one day to talk about a batch that tasted nothing like
the first one we'd had, which I had liked better.  The owner
answered the phone himself and must have spent 45 minutes
chatting with me about coffees and roasting.  He clearly cared
about what he was doing and knew a lot about it.
He immediately sent another bag of the French roast, and it
turned out that the second bag we got had been right and the
first was the aberration.  I had promised to send the remains
back to him for study and was horrified to find it under a
chest in our kitchen when we were packing to move more
than a year later.
Owen Davies
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9) From: David Westebbe
Bingo.  Black Bear is a roaster who was sued by *$ for calling a roast
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10) From: Marchiori, Alan
who won?

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