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Topic: Alp. No. 004 (7 msgs / 164 lines)
1) From: Brad Duerr
After reading all the messages regarding hot Alps and that those marked 004
on the plug should be returned I find that I have one with the 004 plug.
Who do I contact about a replacement?
Thanks all

2) From: Michael Rochman
I'm the guilty party with the 004. Didn't say they all should be 
returned. Said that they wanted to excange mine after they'd had 
me give them the number on the plug. Seems like semantics and it 
might be just that. However, I'm not leading the Exodus. 
Their phone number is on your instruction manual.
Regards, Mike
On 15 Aug 2000, at 11:07, Brad Duerr wrote:

3) From: Kathleen Tinkel
Hi, Brad.
I'm curious - have you had any problems roasting with your 004 Alp? 
Anyway, when I spoke to the people at SwissMar, they did say that the 004
stamp on the plug was definitive, so I believe all you need do is e-mail or
I used e-mail: info Or you could phone (905 764-1121) or fax
(905 764/1982). I provided my phone and fax numbers; they called me back
the same day.
Good luck.

4) From: Brad Duerr
You bet I've had problems!  My first roast at #8 was charcoal.  Two weeks
later, charcaol at #6.  Spent 3 hours cleaning up the gunkl
Thanks to this list, I been following the advice of pressing the cool button
2:30 min. after first crack.  I've been using Monkey Blend and will try 2:45
to get just a little darker.  I'm also still using my HWP.

5) From: Michael Rochman
As I told Swissmar, were it not for the "auto feature" (which Tom 
more or less advised against using in the first place), the roaster 
does what it's supposed to do and seems to do it accurately.
I'd no appologist for Swissmar. However, since following Coffenut's 
advice, my roasts are pretty much where I'd like them to be. 
Thus, I had some reservations about exchanging my unit. 
However, the "lure" of making a semi-automatic roast is too strong 
for me to resist. Don't even know if I can get one coffee roasted to 
the number on the dial and have it come out the way I want it...but, 
it's worth the try. Otherwise, I'll keep timing it.
On 15 Aug 2000, at 11:53, Brad Duerr wrote:

6) From: coffenut
Brad and Mike,
What Brad experienced is exactly what happened to me with my first roast.  I
read the manual, put the unit on 8 and tried to trust the programmed
setting.  I say "tried" because I had to interrupt the roast before it
auto-completed because the beans were burning so badly.  The problem with
the settings is they are very dependent upon the calibration of the unit's
heater (as you well know).  I had the opportunity to swap out my Alp, but
chose to keep it since I was roasting manually to my satisfaction.  My
concern with swapping it was that I would get a unit that was too much the
other way and I'd be swapping units until I got one that gave me enough
roast leeway.  As much as I like to tinker and have control of things, I'd
likely still use the manual Cool button even if I had a unit that was
calibrated cooler.
I'll be interested to read your findings with the new "corrected" units.
Seems to me you would probably like to have a unit that would hit the start
of 2nd crack around a setting of 7 (18:05 in time).  This would still leave
2 minutes to play with (if setting 15 = 20.05) to develop darker roasts
should you want them.  Now that I'm thinking of all this, wouldn't it be
nice to be able to adjust the profile of your heater calibration from the
control panel of the Alp?  Another NG person and myself were having a
wish-fest a while back.  We envisioned a color graphic display on the Alp
that would show the roast curve/profile, bean temperature, etc and have all
the neat controls.  I guess we could get some of those things today, but
have to drop a lot more money and be roasting much larger batches.
Later....Coffenut  :^)

7) From: Tom & Maria
Hi all,
I just wrote a long 500 word eloquent response to this and promptly lost it
due to what I beleive are rolling power outages. Welcome to the humid
midwest summer. Does everyone need to keep their AC units cranked up at 10
pm? Oh boy...
Anyway, in a few words (I sense the power is going out again soon ---and I
have kept the candles lit just in case) I dont thin all 004's are a
problem. I wasnt aware of this oo4 plug thing until I read it here but I
checked today.Of the 6 units I have tested, I know 2 are 004 and they have
worked just fine, definitely not "hot" ones. I have only had the pleasure
of using one "hot" one (2nd crack starts at 14 minutes) and I am not sure
about the number on that one. But we have received a whole new shipment
form a new proiduction run and they are going to be just fine. Swissmar has
their 2 tech guys in Taiwan. They say they will contact all customers with
serial numbers that correspond to hot units when they isolate that batch,
but they definitely have impressed me with their responsiveness and sense
of responsibility. When we had reports of the hot ones I got a little
flustered and basically (mildly) threatened to back out of selling them if
they couldnt guarantee consistency. They realy came back with flying
colors, letting me know about their plan to deal with things. I have heard
they are a little slow with call tags, but thats actually a UPS thing: UPS
takes a long time to make good on call tags....
Anyway, I am sending this before it is lost in rolling power-outage oblivion!!!
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
           Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria

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