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Topic: Great company, great food, so-so coffee (5 msgs / 106 lines)
1) From: Les & Becky
Taking the coffee situation in hand, I brought freshroasted Panama Maunier
for Thanksgiving.  Even though my sister-in-law lives in a $750,000 + house
they don't have a coffee grinder.  So, I pre-ground and put the coffee in a
CO2 release bag just before the trip.  We had great company and the food was
outstanding, but the weak in the knees drip coffee had outstanding taste, it
just wasn't strong enough.  If I can get away with it, I will be pulling
Cappuccinos and Americanos next year!  At least it wasn't the burnt bean
hazelnut flavored junk they passed as coffee last year.
Back home enjoying good coffee again!
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2) From: John Abbott
Oh what a shame - and waste of Maunier. I'm out!!  I guess I should reorder
some but I'm running out of storage space and my beloved is running out of
patience with my hoarding. I've half-heartedly talked about building a
portable espresso bar. But I'm now thinking that it is more possible than I
first thought.   I've found a guy who makes padded camera and gun cases in
Mexico. I might just drag my junk down to him and see what he can design.
Could be a fun project for the winter.

3) From: Les & Becky
John it wasn't a waste of Maunier, it was Survival!  Good weak coffee is
better than no coffee, or junk!

4) From: Wendy Sarrett
Agreed!  Since I just started roasting I'm always looking for guenea
pigs for my roasts.   Consequently, I brought some decaf (African
Highland WP) that I roasted the day before as my Relatives who drink
coffee only do decaf.  I also brought my little grinder.  My aunt and
uncle just bought my cousin a new coffee maker for his new house and it
came with a gold filter so all and all it came out pretty well (at least
my Aunt liked it.)  I gave the beans we didn't use to my Aunt and she'll
have a friend grind it for her as she doesn't have a grinder.  Actually
this was the second "Thanksgiving" I brought coffee to as I brought some
to my office's Thanksgiving pot luck.  One person was brave enough to
try my coffee and he liked it (Indian Pearl Peabody) so that was good
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5) From: TFisher511
I have some of the African Highland WP Decaf Blend and I think it is an 
exceptional coffee. Good choice for your Aunt and relatives.
I bought several Decaf varieties for the evening when leaded would keep me 
awake until ??:?? in the morning. The African Blend is my favorite by far.
Terry F
sarrett writes:

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