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1) From: sho2go
I would guess we all learn the hard way ;-) as I too had a counter and sink
full of coffee the first time I tried my Yama.  It turns out that the water
in the bottom needs to bubble for a bit, which will create a good vacuum
when it cools.  I grind mine a little finer than for a FP, for example, and
it will get sucked right down through the filter post haste.

2) From: John Abbott
	Welcome to the Cona learning curve.  Several things work toward a "stall"
on the Cona.  I had about 2 weeks of frustration before I got them all
worked out.
	1) grind at the same size a commercial (yuk!) preground
	2) make sure there is NO chaff remaining in the beans - it will stall every
	3) make sure that you see a couple of bubbles in the lower unit before you
put the top in place
	   4) when putting the top on, twist SLIGHTLY as you press down
	4) make sure that the glass rod is very clean
John - 18 months of great Cona without a stall

3) From: Dale A. Taylor
OK you coffee experts, I have a problem. I just received my Cona vac brewer
and tried it this morning. I roasted my beans yesterday and ground them this
morning. I grinded about middle way on the Solis which I thought  would be a
little finer than medium which Tom's info sheet said medium to fine would be
OK. Well it wasn't or something else went wrong. The coffee went up into the
grounds OK but stopped coming down after about a cup. I tried pulling the
filter plug without success and also tried removing the top jug without
success either. Needless to say I had coffee all over the counter and it
took about 30 minutes to get the bowls apart. All I could think was I wish I
had my $154.00 back and I had used the French press. Did I grind it to fine
or do I have a defective pot? I guess I got to comfortable with the French
press because I could not even enjoy it after all that work. Thanks for your
help.  (flustered) dale
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4) From: Chris Beck
It may not be your grind fineness, but the grinder itself.  I had 
terrible stalling problems with my Solis 166 after about 6 months of 
use.  Problem is the Solis burrset has far too much wobble and play and 
creates a lot of fine coffee particles, which clog the filter.  Since 
I've switched to a Rocky, the coffee practically flies back down 'south'.
Dale A. Taylor wrote:
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5) From: Kevin
Does anyone on the list use the Cona Vac brewer?  I tried the bodum santos
vac brewer a while back and was never able to get a good seal between the
rubber gasket and the two chambers.  I'd love to use the Cona brewer on
weekends and when entertaining guests but how difficult is it to seat the
gasket and get a good seal?
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6) From: Barry Luterman
If you still have the Bodum  take the gasket place it in a pot of water.
bring water to a boil, shut off heat , allow gasket to soak until water
reaches room temperature. Repeat process until gasket makes a good seal.
On Jan 29, 2008 9:20 AM, Kevin  wrote:

7) From: Rich Adams
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8) From: Barry Luterman
If you really want a Cona this one looks like a good buy.http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.sale-items.shtmlOn Jan 29, 2008 9:31 AM, Rich Adams  wrote:

9) From: Kevin
I'd see, in the form of bubbles, and hear the water vapor/ gas pressure
escaping at the seal each time I brewed.  The only way to get the brewer to
work was to apply slight downward pressure on the grind chamber to make a
seal.  I donated the Bodum vac to a list member.
Thanks for the input though.  I'm still on the fence, especially at
$200...If I can get it to work, it'd be worth it.
On 1/29/08, Rich Adams  wrote:
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10) From: Kevin
This makes my decision much easier as I have a $100 gc from Sweet marias
from October...I think i'm going to pull the trigger.  Thanks!
On 1/29/08, Barry Luterman  wrote:
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

11) From: Rich Adams
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It WAS a good buy.

12) From: Barry Luterman
Kevin were you the one that got it?
On Jan 29, 2008 9:44 AM, Rich Adams  wrote:

13) From: Jared
I have a cona D model and like it much more now that I have the butane
heater from sweetmarias.  Lots of power and control over the process as
compared to the oil thing that comes with it.  The heater is a bit tall for
the cona but this is easy to work around.  I have never had seal or clog
problems with my cona.  Jared
On Jan 29, 2008 1:20 PM, Kevin  wrote:

14) From: Rich Adams
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No oil.  Denatured alcohol.  
Improper procedures aside on this video, the bottom gets severe carbon =
deposit using oil:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QhCM4HAm5I

15) From: Kevin
yup, it's in my cart
On 1/29/08, Barry Luterman  wrote:
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

16) From: Sean Sweet
Hi Kevin,
I use a Yama on weekends and have no trouble with the seal.   It 'gurgles'
at the end of the down siphon, leaving the grounds bone dry with some oily
rainbow-bubbles on top.  Fun to watch/perform and a privilege to drink the
results.  If you have an in-sink garberator (sp?), the clean up is simple.
Cona should be as good or better.
Does anyone on the list use the Cona Vac brewer?  I tried the bodum santos

17) From: Eddie Dove
Great to "hear" from you Kevin!  You have been sincerely missed ...
Congratulations on the new Cona!
Stop telling God how big your storm is.
Instead, tell the storm how big your God is.
Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Referencehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On Jan 29, 2008 2:20 PM, Kevin  wrote:

18) From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Claus_Th=F8gersen?=
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It is true that it takes a bit getting used to, but I wonder why it =
should be so difficult.
I boil the water in an electronic keddel to speed up my Bodum Santos =
coffee, and the only problem I have with it is that I have a habbit of =
breaking the upper part about every 6 months so I have to stick with a =
resonably cheap vacuum brewer, but it really in my view makes the best =
cup of regular coffee you can get!!

19) From: Jared
I new that seemed wrong when I typed it.  I meant alcohol.  Congrats Kevin.
On Jan 29, 2008 2:14 PM, Rich Adams  wrote:

20) From: Jared
I knew that seemed wrong as I typed it.  I meant alcohol.  I wonder if oil
burns hotter and not just dirtier?  Congrats Kevin.  Jared
On Jan 29, 2008 2:14 PM, Rich Adams  wrote:

21) From: Paul Helbert
I'm using two different Cona's (old tabletop Mod II and a rather new D) and
an old Cory vac pot. I like the small seals of the Conas in that they do not
take much force. They both appear to be glued to the funnel. The old one
needs changing due to some cracking but still seals well. Replacements are
available from England but I'm not sure how I'm gonna get the old one off...
Anyone have ideas? I know both rubber and epoxy fail with enough heat, but
I'm concerned about the glass.
The difficulty I had with the Conas was cleaning since the orifice is so
small. I have found that a third of a cup of table salt and a few drops of
dish liquid and just enough water to  get things sliding around will scour
the inside of the glass very well. Just shake and swirl it vigorously.
Follow with six rinses after all visible salt is gone.
The Cory on the other hand has a large opening which makes cleaning a bit
easier, but makes sealing more difficult. I have to apply right much force
to mate the vessels. I might try the boiling water trick on that seal and
maybe it'll soften a bit. Trouble is, it too, seems to be stuck to the
funnel. Is this normal? For flexibility I put mine at about a 7 on scale of
1 to 10 (with 1 = warm chewing gum and  10 = a bowling ball).
Anyhow, short answer to the original question: A good seal is not usually a
problem with the Cona brewers.

22) From: Paul Helbert
I have a favor to ask. Could you please measure that SM butane heater?
Height? Diameter?
It looks like it should fit between the forks of my old Cona Model II, but I
don't want to have to pay postage both ways to find out I'm wrong.
On Jan 29, 2008 3:03 PM, Jared  wrote:

23) From: Kevin
I usually put room temp water in the Bodum and heated it on an electric
stove (glass top) with a wire grid.  I brought the water up to boil fast,
then switched it to a burner (coil actually) that was set on low and placed
the top on the unit.  Never was able to get a good seal.  With the Cona,
I'll pre-heat the water in an electric kettle and then use the spirit lamp.
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

24) From: Jared
Paul my SM butane heater looks to be 3 inches tall.  I forgot to measure the
diameter.  It will come.  Sorry.  Jared
On Jan 30, 2008 1:10 AM, Paul Helbert  wrote:

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