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Topic: Grinding with a KitchenAid mixer? (9 msgs / 189 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Andrew, that just might work. I have a Kitchen Aid Mixer. and boy if it =
would work it would save me a bunch of money, but I guess the only way =
to find out, is try one. 
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Andrew J. Lynn
Has anybody ever tried grinding with a grain mill attachment on a 
KitchenAid stand mixer?  URL:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00004SGFL/qid38782006/br=1-11/ref=br_lf_k_11//103-0165922-1545414?v=glance&s=kitchen&nV7540I hefted one of these at Fry's today, and it is a solid, well-built 
mill.  Has large flat burrs that adjust all the way to pushing against 
each other, and is powered the 300+ watt motor in the mixer with 
adjustable speed.  And for anybody who already has the mixer, the cost 
is $76, much more reasonable than the other electric options.
It claims to be inappropriate for oily things like coffee, but heck, 
West Bend claims that the Poppery is for making popcorn.  Maybe that 
just means you have to clean it more carefully.
Any thoughts?
Andy Lynn
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3) From: R.N.Kyle
Deward, You  are right, just looking for a cheaper way out.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

4) From: R.N.Kyle
Thanks Jim, it was a fleeting thought. the dollars signs hit me. I guess =
I should quit fooling around and just get up off the bucks and by the =
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

5) From: dewardh
You might want to look at the burrs before putting down your money . . . a 
grist or grain mill "grinds" . . . the burrs generally have no "sharpened" 
edges like a (commercial espresso) coffee grinder.  For any coffee brewing 
method *except* espresso that should be no problem . . . whether it matters for 
espresso (if that's what you're grinding for) is a matter of ongoing 
discussion.  But you cannot expect the uniformity of grind from a grain mill 
that you will get from a (good) purpose built coffee grinder.
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6) From: R.N.Kyle
well someone has tried coffee, and had results, thanks Isabel, but the =
more I think about it , seeing that Espresso is what I am looking for,I =
am going with the Rocky., and just quit fussing about the money.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

7) From: jim gundlach
On Sunday, December 1, 2002, at 05:23 AM, R.N.Kyle wrote:
I looked at it and decided that the warning about oily grains referred 
to coffee because some other brands of flour mills also warn about oily 
grains and they mention coffee as one item they do not perform well 
with.  I think it is because the grinding takes place with more of a 
crushing action than a cutting action that coffee grinders use. That 
probably means something about dust also if it would work.  We have had 
our K5-A since 1970 and it just keeps on working.  Our experience with 
it is one reason I always like to look for good solid appliances.  The 
Rocky seems to be as solid and well made as the K5-A, now that I've 
gotten rid of that doser, and I feel good about trusting it to keep on 
working for years and years.
   As I said, it is one of the items my kids will fight over after I'm 
dead and gone.
Jim Gundlach
roasting over pecan wood fires
in La Place, Alabama
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8) From: Isabel1130
I have ground coffee with my kitchenaid grain mill attachment.  It DOES work 
but with a couple a caveats.  For espresso it is hard to adjust and you may 
have to paint some marks on the mill itself to keep a consistent grind.  I 
have not done any tests on it to compare the grind to what I get out of the 
Mazzer Mini but the grain mill is definitely a little more difficult to 
operate and adjust in the grind.  However it does produce significantly 
better coffee than any of the cheap whirly blade things.   Isabel.  

9) From: Andrew J. Lynn
Thanks for the tips everybody.  I'll see if I can figure anything else 
out, but will probably stick with the good ol' Zass for now.
Andy Lynn
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