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1) From: R.N.Kyle
Jim that was a wonderful little story about life's little surprises. 
I was curious as to the degree of roast ( just into 2nd crack) I have =
always roasted Monkey Blend into a rolling 2nd crack. 
What flavor does the lighter roast have, and if you have roasted it to a =
rolling 2nd crack, please give a comparison. 
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: jim gundlach
     I came home a little early today because I needed to roast some 
coffee.  It is clear except for a few cirrus clouds in the sky, much 
like the ones I saw and named my first daughter after some 24 years 
ago.  I gathered up some recently fallen pecan branches and started a 
fire in the Oklahoma Joe BBQ.  I turned it so my back would be to the 
setting sun.  Went into the house and loaded up one of the Androck over 
the fire popcorn poppers with the last pound or so of my Monkey Blend.  
Went back out with the beans and a beer.  Pulled up a lawn chair and 
sat with my back to the sun and the fire to my face.  The temperature 
is probably close to 50 so both the glow of the fire on my face and the 
warmth of the sun on my neck felt most welcome.  As I finished roasting 
I could see the last rays of the sun moving up through the tree 
branches about twelve feet over my head.  Roasted to just into the 
second crack.  Brought the beans in and cooled them.  Said to hell with 
resting, ground some and pulled a short shot, about one inch of liquid 
in a straight sided shot glass with a full half of an inch of mahogany 
creama.  Sat back and enjoyed.  Some times life can be so good.
Jim Gundlach
roasting over pecan wood fires
in La Place, Alabama
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3) From: R.N.Kyle
Thanks Jim 
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

4) From: Ed Needham
I think you have found the 'sweet spot'.
Ed Needhamhttp://www.homeroaster.com

5) From: Mike McGinness
Relaxing just reading your experience. Could/should be the prologue to the
book "Home Roasting Romance & Revival"!
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
From: "jim gundlach" 
Sat back and enjoyed.  Some times life can be so good.
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6) From: jim gundlach
      I'm afraid that I am not good at describing the differences in 
tastes.  I used to roast the Monkey Blend into the rolling 2nd crack 
but my wife and son-in-law said they thought it tasted over roasted so 
I backed off a bit.  I have come to like it at the early second crack, 
I can say that it seems to have a more complex set of flavors but I 
really don;t know how to describe it.  When I wok roast I take about 
half of the beans out at the early second crack and take the rest into 
the rolling second to make a bracketed roast that everyone seems to 
like but I can't really do that with the Androck popcorn popper without 
doing two roasts.  I did not have enough beans or time to do that 
today.  Actually since the kids have been taking the thermos every day 
the coffee consumption has gone up to the point that this pound might 
not last till Thursday when my 34 pound order is supposed to come in.
On Monday, December 2, 2002, at 05:40 AM, R.N.Kyle wrote:
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