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Topic: Old coffee goo (6 msgs / 104 lines)
1) From: john kangas
I'm in the process of degrunging a well-used grinder, it's practically 
buried in residue of coffee. Does anyone have a recommendation for something 
that'll take this stuff off?
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2) From: Simpson
IF you will be able to rinse it well then you might use Greased Lightening
(TM) in a spray bottle. Wear gloves, try not to breathe the fumes. A rinse
of 50% white vinegar and 50% water is good. I know it sounds daunting but
it is a heckuva degreaser... I used it on a truly filthy grinder tonight...
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On 12/4/2002 at 4:35 AM john kangas wrote:
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3) From: David Lewis
At 4:35 AM +0000 12/4/02, john kangas wrote:
Depends on where you're talking about. For the burrs, the first step 
is to run a cup of instant rice through the grinder, ideally while 
moving the burrs from coarse to fine. Then take them out, if they're 
removable as they are (at least the top one) on an espresso grinder. 
For the outside, a citrus-based product like De-Solv-It is pretty 
safe. Hope this helps.
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4) From: Jim Schulman
I keep hearing the same two recommendations from 
shop owners and technicians. Grinding a cup or two 
of white rice to absorb the oils, then using a 
compressed air can (available at radio shack style 
stores) to blow out the loosened up coffee grunge.
On 4 Dec 2002 at 4:35, john kangas wrote:
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5) From: dewardh
buried in residue of coffee. Does anyone have a recommendation for something
that'll take this stuff off?
Urnex.  Same thing you use to clean your espresso machine.  If you don't *do* 
espresso (why not? ) and don't want to buy some just to clean a grinder 
(perfectly reasonable ) then just use TSP . . . (which is what a lot of 
"commercial" places use instead of Urnex, on *all* their machines, because it's 
cheaper).  It cuts right through the coffee oils and leaves things looking 
shiney new.  A teaspoon in a quart of warm water, brush lightly, rinse well, 
don't use it on Aluminum (don't use Urnex on Aluminum, either, for the same 
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6) From: Andrew Thomas
I use a wooden chopstick, a popsicle stick, a stiff bristle paint brush, a toothbrush and various rags and paper towels. You could try putting non-electrical parts in a dishwasher if you can disable the dry-cycle. (Plastic parts will melt.) I have never used Urnex or similar coffee-maker cleaner but others have done so with success.
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