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Topic: The Ice Storm (5 msgs / 103 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
The power is back on, thank God, and Duke Power.
The power came back on at 8:45 Pm Thursday. I was all set for another =
night without power,  that is full power, because at noon today I set up =
a generator, borrowed from work, so I did have limited power.I had just =
moved my grinder and Bunn drip pot over closer to the generator power =
cord, I was getting ready for the morning, grind coffee, brew, an in the =
thermos, then off to work.
and then the dinning room light came on, nearly scarred me to death, =
then I realized it was the real thing.
So back to normal, I really missed my normal routine.
I hate ice storms.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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2) From: Kimber M

You realize that you can actually fix your generator so pretty much the entire house (exception of the regular stove) can run on it, right?  We had a huge ice storm last year and got our generator fixed up back then.  Just have to get the generator going and flip the switch and I have tv, lights, computer, espresso machine (the important thing!) etc, running like normal.  Glad to hear your regular power is back on though!!  Do you have a lot of cleanup from tree limbs, etc?   



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3) From: R.N.Kyle
Spent most of the day with the chainsaw in hand.
1.5 Million people out of power in SC and NC over half of all of Duke =
Power's customers.The generator was borrowed, I need to get one. and =
would like to do the same as you did.
I did find time to roast some Columbian, and Sumatra Decaf today, and =
enjoyed the last of my Guat. Antiqua also.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

4) From: R.N.Kyle
Red Oak, and Willow Oak
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

5) From: David Westebbe
Get any good hickory, oak or pecan?
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