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Topic: Estro parts? (8 msgs / 126 lines)
1) From: Andrew J. Lynn
I have an Estro Vapore, which I'm pretty sure is a Starbucks Barista 
from before they started calling them that.  The portafilter jammed up, 
so I took it apart and managed to lose an important piece.  It has 3 
screws that hold it together and one is hollow and carries a 
spring-mounted piece that I assume is an emergency pressure valve.  The 
piece I lost was the bit that attaches to the spring, and without it I 
don't have a pressure valve so much as an easy second way for liquid to 
go through.
Does anybody know where I can a replacement, or what's the least 
expensive new thing I can buy that contains the replacement?  (Like, 
maybe a new valve assembly without having to get a whole new portafilter?)
Andy Lynn, who is surely going to get himself killed one day by tinkering
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2) From: Angelo
Not such a great loss...Most people who own that model usually buy the 
portafilters without the crema "enhancing" internals. If you put a request 
on alt.coffee, you'll probably get someone who will send you one of their 
left-over ones....
You'd be better off buying the plain portafilter from Starbucks...That's 
what Idid when I had that machine.
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3) From: jim gundlach
    About the most complete list of parts I've found is at:
        http://www.sreweb.com/careri.htm   Jim Gundlach
On Tuesday, December 10, 2002, at 04:11 PM, Andrew J. Lynn wrote:
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4) From: Kenneth S.
Call Saeco's 800#. I needed a similar part and they were very helpful.
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"Andrew J. Lynn"  wrote:
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5) From: Paul Goelz
At 05:53 PM 12/10/02, you wrote:
And unfortunately one of the worst web sites I have come across.  Do they 
carry parts for the Vapore?  The only thing I could find was a copy of the 
internal drawings when I followed what appeared to be the link to parts.
I guess you have to call them?
Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI
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6) From: Steven Dover
The Estro/Saeco people are very nice. I recommend going straight to them. I
have dealt with them before and the only problem I had was getting some
directions translated from Italian to English. Btw, Saeco took care of this
and faxed me the English version. They do have a web site but I've forgotten
the url. - Steve D
Btw if everyone who knocks the original filter group would tear it apart,
they'd realise thats it's nothing more than an on/off valve which I've used
for pre-infusion with excellent results over the last 7 years. I.e., I can
make better espresso with it than without. Also btw, I have the Rio Vapore
which Starbucks later on sold as the Proteo Barista.

7) From: Andrew J. Lynn
Thanks for all the advice.  I did find the part in a diagram on 
espressoparts.com but it didn't have a number and wasn't on the list of 
parts that can be ordered.  I'll try the Saeco 800 number tomorrow.
Andy Lynn
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8) From: Andrew J. Lynn
The follow-up:
The Saeco customer service people are great.  I was a bit discouraged 
when I called and got their voice mail, but they returned my call 
quickly, emailed me a diagram so I could pick out the part I needed, 
charged a very reasonable $1.50 for it, and sold me a non-pressurized 
portafilter for $18 to boot.
Andy Lynn
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