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Topic: HOW MANY CONSECUTIVE ROASTS (5 msgs / 120 lines)
1) From: Myron Joshua
Besides my excitement of what I "accomplished" I am interested in doing it
So, pls refer to my QUESTION:
How many roasts can I knock off consecutively (With a Hearthware
Precisiion-mine is 220V if that matters) ?
What kind of waiting time do I need between roasts.
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2) From: floyd burton
Would suggest you let it cool down between roasts-cause the hotter it gets
the shorter time it will take to get to the same roast level.  Also letting
it cool should extend the roasters life.  Also suggest you take it apart
after say 50# or so of roasted beans or every 6 months and apply some high
performance oil to the "thrust" bearings above and below the motor.  My
choice is synthetic crank case oil-Mobil one is readily available.  Beware
of any of the snakeoil brands-they tout a Teflon additive and lots of people
think the Teflon may actually harm the lubrication capabilities-not help.
Oh and when you are out on patrol-pay attention to your gut feelings about
situations-could save your neck.  Our survival mechanisms are very old and
well established-pay attention to your feelings.

3) From: Rick Farris
Myron asked:
I've run twelve consecutive roasts.  I try to keep the reload time under a
minute.  That's about 2.5 hrs of continuous use.  Because the roaster roasts
differently depending on whether it's hot or cold, I try to keep it fully
hot throughout the roasting session.
My bearings are beginning to make a little noise, though, so it's time for
oil.  Those of you who have oiled your Precisions, what kind of oil do you
-- Rick
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4) From: floyd burton
The easiest to obtain high performance/temperature oil is Mobil One crank
case or automobile oil.  Went to a vet supply store got a large diameter
syringe-the kind they push penacillin into your butt with-used it to suck up
some Mobil One and then carefully apply it to both the above and below the
motor bearings.  Do not use anything like WD-40- it is not a lubricant-us a
drying agent with very limited lubricant in it.

5) From: susan oppenheim
the Hearthware machines are not like tractors
from what I have seen from fellow roasters they can conk pout
I treat mine delicately
I would not try to roast too much or too often
and if the mother board has to be replaced there are some great minds on this
site to guide you along
mazel tov on your little one
Susan oppenheim
roasting and drinking the very best in Toronto
Myron Joshua wrote:
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