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1) From:
Hey there -- quick question about the actual weight of coffee we purchase.
I've been using a toy "jeweler's scale" (brass, two suspended trays) to
measure my coffee; it was an impulse purchase, about $14 while I was
evaluating the digital scale I wanted to get (a non-SM scale, about $45 is
the leading contender).  I haven't weighed out all the coffee from a single
bag yet (will be doing that a little later today, 3 x 2 lb bags), but I've
been seeing a curious thing... almost without exception, instead of 450
grams or so, most of the time I seem to end up about 20g short.  This could
easily be the %error in the toy scales I have, or it may be some other
factor, like the weight of the plastic bag (plus dust particles etc. that
shake out while I'm weighing).
I don't have any complaints about the amount of coffee I buy from Tom, just
trying to figure out if I can determine a 1/6 (one-sixth) of a "purchased
pound" that's consistent.  I've been using 75g, which is about the maximum I
can roast in my Fresh Roast original, hailed as a "miracle roast" by those
in the know (not possible without the variac setup, and continuous rocking).
;0)  So, should I start using 72g by weight, or wait until the digital scale
talk for people who can't read" - Frank Zappa <<
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2) From: floyd burton
Check your scale's calibration by weighting something you know to be say 1
or 2# or kilos-hope your scale is out of calibration-if not I can assure you
this is an honest mistake-Tom is one of the good guys.
Since Tom puts his green beans in plastic bags-don't see how they could
loose that much weight due to moisture loss-let us know what you find.

3) From: sho2go
I  bought a digital postal scale from Staples, $20, accurate to single gram
or .1 oz  All of the 1 and 2lb. bags I get from SM's have been right on, or
even slightly over (a couple grams or so).  A half dozen beans or so equals
1 gram, I don't think it needs to be more accurate than that.

4) From: Rick Farris
Tod wrote:
I don't think I've ever received full weight from Tom, Tod.  For a while I
thought that maybe it was standard in the coffee industry to include the
wait of the container in the coffee.  Then I decided that Tom was probably
weighing with a big 'ol scale that measured in pounds and ounces, so that a
few grams was hard to read on his scale.  But then I realized that if that
was the problem, the errors should be pretty much a standard distribution
around the exactly correct amount, and I've *never* gotten as much as a gram
over the correct weight.
Overall, though, I think the coffee buying experience with Tom is better
than any other, so I put up with the short weights.  Oh.  And I buy in five-
or twenty- pound lots now, so a few grams doesn't make much difference.  :-)
-- Rick
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5) From: Rick Farris
Floyd wrote:
Done that.
-- Rick
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6) From: John Abbott
You know, I've never checked the weight on my coffee against my order.  Tom
sets some great prices and has unsurpassed quality. I know that everyone at
Sweet Maria's works for our advantage.  If they wanted to fudge the weight
to gain financially, all they would need to do is change the price per pound
by a couple of cents.  It makes no sense to alter the weight of a package
when you are the one setting the price for that package.  I have a digital
scale accurate to a gram but not capable of measuring the 20# bags I buy
from Sweet Maria's  But I'm confident in the fact that I'm getting MORE than
I'm paying for!
John - wondering why everything tastes like grapefruit today

7) From: Rick Farris
It is so close that it never bothered me, either.  I only check for old
times sake.
-- Rick

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