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Topic: French Press and recommendations (5 msgs / 195 lines)
1) From: Wendy Sarrett
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I got the french press I bought off ebay tonight and it makes a nice cup
(I used the espresso monkey roast I bought from SM.)  I used SM's
directions and it worked out real well.  Cool!  
On another topic, my Folks need a new coffee maker and grinder.  When
they buy coffee they have it ground very fine so I think they'd be
happier with a burr grinder than a blade but I'm sure they don't want to
spend a lot.   I'm thinking the Solis Maestro since they don't do
espresso based on the price/ease of use. (I was thinking of the maestro
for myself but you all have been saying it doesn't hold up under heavy
use so I'm rethinking.)  As far as a coffee maker, they want "simple."
They use the typical filter drip pot.  Any suggestions?  Also any
opinions of the Solis SL-70 verses the Gagglia Baby? (I'm thinking of
upgrading from my "steam toy" to a real espresso machine.)

2) From: jim gundlach
      I moved up from the Gaggia Coffee to the SL-90.  The Solis does a =
much better job and the 70 just does not have some of the automatic 
stuff.  It has been said many times but the extra $100 US for the Rocky =
over the Solis Maestro is about the most valuable $100 you can spend on =
coffee tools.  I know I wish I had started with it.  My Solis was 
producing such an uneven grind for so long before I would give up on 
it.  When I finally got the Rocky, I realized how long I had been 
having bitter espresso because of misplaced loyalty to the Solis 
Jim Gundlach
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3) From: svandyke
My ever-indulgent wife got me a super-auto expresso maker for my birthday 
(Capresso 1000) that we use to pull cafe cremes every day.  We did indulge our 
Christmas tradition of having the 'White Christmas' coffee one of our local 
shops does.  Took me 15 minutes to get my 'regular' coffee maker dug out from 
behind the pile of coffee stuff that's accumulated in front of it the past few 
Our 'regular' coffee maker is one that might be good for your parents.  It's 
the Krupps Fresh Aroma Time (I *think* that's the exact right name). It's the 
model that will grind and brew automatically on a timer.  You just drop the 
beans in the top hopper, add the water, and turn the switch to the 'Auto' 
setting.  You need to give it about 15 minutes before you want to drink the 
coffee.  Oh, and it will scare the cats when it starts up - the grinder runs 
for a set time regardless of how much coffee there is so it winds up doing a 
pretty good siren.  It's actually a clever design.  The grinder is a whirly 
blade tipped pretty much on its side.  The bottom of the grind chamber is a 
little screen that the grounds drop through as soon as they're small enough.  
You wind up with a remarkably even grind - very little dust, and, of course, no 
boulders.  We use a gold-mesh filter on ours.  One drawback on the unit - 
cleaning is a bit of a pain - you have to open the grounds basket and clean 
it.  There's a lid to the basket so that's an additional item.  As mentioned, 
the bottom of the grinder is a screen that you have to remove and clean.  If 
you want to use already ground coffee you can - there's a slide switch on the 
front.  If you don't grind coffee there should be no need to clean the grinder 
Steve :->
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4) From: Wendy Sarrett
Thanks for the recommendation.  I think my Folks were looking at a
similar type of unit.  Can you vary the grind at all or is a set level?

5) From: Steven Van Dyke
Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you - as with most folks things are
running a bit hectic.
The 'grind' on the Krupps FreshAroma Time is preset.  As I said, it's
determined by the size of the holes in the piece that forms the bottom of
the whole bean hopper.  But since the size is what the Krupps people
determined as optimal, and the grinder only works as part of making a pot of
coffeee, there's no need to change it.
Steve :->
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