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1) From:
This may be a double post. I posted this yesterday (12/11) but never 
saw it show up.
Happy Holidays everyone, my name is Bill and I have been reading this 
list for about a year now. I got started with home roasting after 
seeing an ad for the Home Innovations Precision in of all places, a 
beer brewing equipment catalog. I hinted about getting one for 
Christmas and Santa was kind enough to oblige me. Soon after 
receiving my HIP, I started searching for source of green beans 
(local roaster wouldn’t sell any). That is when I stumbled upon 
Sweetmaria’s and this list. For the past 11 months I have been 
roasting and trying the different greens from around the world. I am 
accumulating a pretty good stash. Since I started home roasting, I 
have acquired a Bodum Vac pot (which is out of commission due to a 
broken funnel), a Saeco Espresso machine, several hand grinders from 
eBay and my latest, a Bodum French Press. All I need now is a better 
electric grinder than my Braun burr (need to justify cost with my 
So much for background. The main purpose of this post, is to ask the 
list for suggestions for a blend that I can give to friends and 
family. I have been watching the list and have seen some suggestions. 
Following is what I have to work with.
Papua New Guinea - 3# 
Brazil Monte Carmello - 5# 
Indian Monsooned Malabar - 3# 
Sumatra (unknown origin) - 3# 
Kenya AA - 2# 
Zimbabwe (unknown origin) - 1# 
Nicaragua (unknown origin) - 1# 
Costa Rican Tarrazu - 3# 
Guatemalan Atitlan - 3# 
Sulawesi Celebes Kalossi - 5# 
Tanzanian Peaberry - 3# 
Ethiopian Harar - 3# 
Guatemalan Huehuetenango - 5# 
And on it’s way - Hawaiian Kauai Estate Peaberry No. 1 - 5# and 
Monkey Blend - 2# I was thinking of adding some Columbian to my stash 
as well. 
I will be looking forward to your suggestions for blending as well as 
suggestions for additions to the stash. I really haven’t found any 
one varietal that I prefer although I do tend to lean towards the 
Indonesians/Asians (even the Malabar).
Bill - HIP roasting in cold, icy central PA.
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2) From: R.N.Kyle
Mark  Les and Becky wrote:
I will second this blend, it is yummy
and a 50/50 blend of the Tanzanian Pea Berry and
both make
They Harrar and Sumatra is very good. I have not tried the Sulawesi, and =
Tanzania Pea Berry. I like them both separately, and should be great =
together, I just have not tried them as of yet, but I will  thanks
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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3) From: Les & Becky
With your selection I would go with a 50/50 blend of the Eth. Harar and
Sumatra for one blend and a 50/50 blend of the Tanzanian Peaberry and
Sulawesi for another.   Roast them both to full-city.  These would both make
a fine Mocha Java.  Another suggestion for the relatives (worth at least 10
CSA points) is to go through your stash and pick out your least favorites
and roast those up for them.  They will be getting a great coffee, and you
will not be "throwing your pearls to the swine" by wasting your best on
those that won't appreciate it anyway.  My stash of Isle of St. Helena and
Konas are revered for only fellow homeroasters and very special people that
I know can tell the difference.  One of the biggest bummers in roasting your
own is to see the uneducated palates give you that ho-hum look!
Roasting and turning tampers in S. Oregon

4) From: Marc Joseph
I've served guests three week old beans and stuff that's been in the 
freezer for months and they say it's the best coffee they've ever had.
Les & Becky wrote:
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5) From: Rick Farris
Bill wrote:
Nice stash, Bill.
If you're looking for a Columbian, I recommend the "Columbian Organic
Bucaramanga Bourbon" that Tom carries.  I like it better than any of the
other Columbians he has.  In that same general flavor profile, though, I
suggest you check out the "Nicaragua Organic/FT Segovia -02."  It's a really
good coffee.  Perhaps you should get a couple of pounds of each?
-- Rick
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6) From: hlhurd
Hi Bill,
The Columbian Organic Bucaramanga has been sold out at SM for a while now.
Too bad, Rick is right it is an outstanding Columbian.  He's right about the
"Nicaragua Organic/FT Segovia -02." too.  Get some while you can.
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7) From: Bill
Hi everyone,
Thanks to all who have replied. I meant to reply before this but have
been busy. I will need to roast up some of the suggestions tomorrow or
Saturday and give the blends a try. 
Any other suggestions for blends are welcome. 
Bill Roth - HIP roasting in beautiful Mifflinburg, PA (central PA) 

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