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Topic: beaker (or other) replacement glass for french press? (8 msgs / 127 lines)
1) From: Gary White
Fortunately I had ordered a replacement glass for my Bodum Chambord 8 Tasse
FP with my last greens order thinking that I probably wouldn't need it for a
while since I was so careful when handling it.  That was shortly before I
broke the original while washing it (only moderate blood loss).  It was then
that I started thinking about cheaper (and possibly stronger) alternatives
for the replacement glass.
I just did a web search for laboratory beakers and found some that appear to
approximate the size that I need.  The outside dimensions for the beakers
are 90 x 188 mm which converts to 3.543307 x 7.401575 inches.  The dimension
for the Bodum replacement glass from SM is 3.5 x 7 inches.  There is no
indication as to whether these are inside or outside dimensions or whether
they are approximate or precise so I don't know if the plunger would fit the
lab beaker.
Does anyone know whether there are any attractive options for replacement
glass?  (beakers or otherwise)
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2) From: Michael Horowitz
Yessir - Bodum makes an indistructible polycarbonate plastic 32 oz french
press. I take mine when I go plop camping - Mike
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3) From: Gary White
Thanks Mike.  Does the plastic affect the taste at all?

4) From: Ben Treichel
No, I have one that I use as a travel press (3 tase)
Gary White wrote:

5) From: sho2go
Plop camping???

6) From: John Abbott
Unimproved camping site - you just find a place and PLOP down.

7) From: Michael Horowitz
Hell, when I'm plop camping with the guys, it's pre-ground *$  !!! 
I don't notice any diff. - Mike
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8) From: Michael Horowitz
As opposed to hiking in; drive the car up to the tent and 'plop' down. Boy
Scout term. - Mike
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