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1) From: susan oppenheim
as we get closer to xmas and the season for  sentiments and
I wish all of you roasters a very very happy and healthy  holiday season
and new year.
and I also wish to send the very warmest wishes to Tom and Maria for
living lives of excellence and quality and for providing us with this
most wonderful site.
It's not only about coffee.
I have made one of the best friends I could ever have imagined here and
you know who you are!!
Susan Oppenheim
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2) From: Angelo
Aw, shucks! Thanks, Susan....:-)
At 04:58 PM 12/17/2002, you wrote:
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3) From: susan oppenheim
Angelo-it's not you............
he knows who he is
ha ha
Angelo wrote:
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4) From: gin
we want BIG t's
we want your t's, we will all pre-pay for those 2 and 3x's
and others

5) From: raymanowen
"we want BIG t's"
A friend of mine does custom screen printing.
One of the private gyms wanted some of my daughter's artwork on LARGE,
GIGANTIC, TITANIC, BROBDINGNAGIAN tees. In spite of my suggestion, she
sewed up a sample using 4yds of cotton jersey or interlock + ribbing.
Some athletic club went nuts over it, so she had a friend sew some
more shirts, my friend printed them.
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Anything's possible!
On 9/21/07, gin  wrote:

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