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1) From: R.N.Kyle
I had the pleasure yesterday to get to roast 3 lbs of JBM, and 3 lbs of =
Yauco Selecto. in a 25lb Deitrich. I was impressed with the control. gas =
adjustment, and air through the drum to profile the roast. The owner, =
roaster of a local shop here in Anderson, SC allowed me to use it, and =
coached me in its operation. roasted JBM to full city  13 min profile. =
had to run the temp up to about 440 to get to first crack. The lack of =
volume seem to leach the heat off considerable. the roast finished at =
455 degrees 
The YS was the first roast, and I followed his instruction, and he tried =
to profile it like he does roasting 25 lb. roast using a 17 to 20 min =
profile to a full city.
it did not work with the small 3lb load, and went 15 min to first crack, =
so we turned the heat up to get it to finish in 17 min. and learned by =
it . corrected the ramp temp on the JBL to get to first crack at about 9 =
min, and finish at 13.5 min full city.
 tried them both today. and really thought they were excellent. the JBL =
a bit more body, and rich smooth taste. then the YS the YS having good =
body, but not nearly as smooth as the JBM Toms Mavis Banks is great, but =
I have a hard time spending 20 dollars a pound for green, but if any =
coffee is worth it I think The Mavis Banks fits the bill.
The YS is 1/2 the price and only a slight reduction in quality.
it may be a better deal. 
I really liked the flavor the drum roaster produced, a much smoother =
then the Poppers, and more body.
Got me thinking about an Alps.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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2) From: R.N.Kyle
Welcome home Charlie, we missed you. fill us in about your tour of =
Mexican coffee country
BTW  the coffee was for a Dr. friend that wanted to give some of his =
friends some really good coffee for Christmas, and it would have taken =
me 6 or 7 hours to roast it. So I ask Craig if I could roast it in his =
Dietrich. So he said you want to do it, I said OK if you stand by and =
take over if I mess up. It was a learning curve for both of us. I never =
have used a Commercial Roaster, and He had never roasted such a small =
amount.  It went well and the coffee is great. The JBL lives up to its =
reputation, but still over priced
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

3) From: R.N.Kyle
NO it is in the loft in pieces, he said it was nightmare. He now has a =
Femia ( sorry can't spell) He doing quite well in Anderson, I will tell =
him Ted said hey. 
Did you once live in Anderson?
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

4) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- "R.N.Kyle"  wrote:
Gee, Ron, what are you giving everyone for christmas??(hint)
That was an expensive batch to practice with, glad it turned out
well-congrats! A bunch of primo coffee growers I was visiting
got to sample a number of my favorites from SM a few weeks ago
and the JBM was the one that impressed them the most (roasted in
a Fresh Roast I brought along) Overpriced, yes, but not really
over rated IMHO. The Yauco has such a different flavor it's hard
to compare to the JBM. Nice, though.
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5) From: Simpson
Hey! Tell Craig that Ted said hello, won't you?! Is that old grindmaster
2-group still working?
Here's a link to good old Jittery Joe's, home of the Shot in the Dark, and
darned fine chili come Chili Cookoff Day.http://www.javaofkings.com/craig_bostick.aspTed
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