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1) From: Wendy Sarrett
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I had a funny thing happened today.  I had roasted a batch last night
intended for my manager (he's going on vacation as of tomorrow.)
However, due to a schedule change I didn't see him so I gave it to
another Friend at work who was on my "list" for some holiday homeroast.
(My manager will get a freshly roasted batch when he gets back.) Anyway,
I think I might be pointing him in the right "coffee" direction as I was
explaining to him the advantage of buying whole bean coffee rather than
ground and he noted that the preground he buys smells good when he opens
the can but after that no.  Perhaps he'll get a grinder now and start
buying his coffee in whole beans rather than ground :-) (I don't think
he's ready to homeroast yet :-))  
On another issue, I broke down and bought the Rocky grinder (partially a
Hanukkah gift from my Folks) and have been evaluating "real" espresso
machines to go with it. (I'm currently using a Salton "steam toy", which
I bought from ebay for $35, several times a week.)   I spoke with a nice
lady at WLL (who I bought the grinder from and will likely buy the
espresso machine from when the time comes) and she did give me some good
information about the various models.   Anyway, the two machines I'm
looking at most seriously are the Gaggia Baby and the Miss. Silvia.
I'm not sure how much benefit I'd get for the additional $$$ for the
Siliva although I know it has a bigger boiler and maybe more durable.
Any opinions?  Are these easy to use relative to other brewing methods
(vac pot, press and the cheaper seam machine I have now) so that I will
find I'll want to use it a lot? (One of my metrics on spending $$$ on
something is that I'll actually use whatever "X" it is enough to make it
worthwhile.)  I don't want to buy something and find it's relatively
such a chore to use that it sits there.

2) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Wendy Sarrett" 
   Anyway, the two machines I'm
I can't speak for the Gaggia Baby. I've had my Miss Silvia close to a year
now. Zero regrets. I don't believe there's been a single day she hasn't been
used and used and used.  (Except when we've been out of town, and yes we
definitely MISS not having her away from home!)  After work today I first
made a Kona Americano. Then just now finished a double shot of an espresso
blend roast Billy brought over when he picked up his 1/4# valve bags - very
good BTW.
We'll be up late, going to the 8pm showing of LOTR "The Two Towers", had our
tickets for weeks!
MM;-) aka Kona Krazy miKe mcKoffee
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
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3) From: Mike Gallant
On Wednesday, Dec 18, 2002, at 17:16 US/Pacific, Mike McGinness wrote:
	I have to concur with Mike said. Our Silvia is coming up on her 2nd 
anniversary in our household (Xmas gift for my wife 2 years ago) and 
still gets daily use - lattes for my wife and double ristretti 
(ristrettos?) and americanos for me. We've grown so attached we've even 
packed her up to take her on weekends away from home. Of course, 
there's always upgrade lust - Silvia would be out the door in a 
heartbeat if I could convince my wife we "need" an Isomac Tea... :)
	You're already in a better position than most for getting "serious" 
about espresso - you have a top notch grinder that could last a 
lifetime (of course, those Mazzer Mini's look awfully sexy... ;)
Mike Gallant
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4) From: Terry Stockdale
You made the right choice in grinders, and in the right order.  I've 
enjoyed my Silvia for about 16 months, but most of that with a Solis 
Maestro.  The taste difference when I shifted to the Rocky was shocking.
In addition to the comments made by others regarding great espresso from 
the Silvia, another big benefit of the Silvia is its ability to generate a 
lot of steam.  My typical winter-time Saturday morning includes steaming 
milk for hot chocolate for the rest of my family.  The Silvia easily meets 
this need and is the first machine I've ever had that could do it 
easily  With my earlier machines, none of which was a Gaggia, I often had 
to stop in the middle of the process to let the boiler or heater block reheat.
At 08:04 PM 12/18/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Terry Stockdale -- homeroast -- Baton Rouge, LA
Website --http://www.dadstoy.netPreground commercial blend + Drip pot = Coffee?
Monkey + HIP + Rocky + Silvia = Espresso
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5) From: jim gundlach
On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 07:04 PM, Wendy Sarrett wrote:
The Miss Silvia is a much stronger machine.  Also boiler is made of 
brass rather than  aluminum.  Some say there is a health issue that you =
may or may not be interested in but I have had trouble with two Gaggias =
with the threads of the thermostats or plumbing giving out.  The Silvia =
is the perfect match for the Rocky.   If you decide you don't want the =
machine, you will easily get 90% of your money back by selling the 
Silvia and with the Gaggia you will be lucky to get half of what you 
paid for it new.   It is also easier to pull good shots with the Silvia.
     Jim Gundlach
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6) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Mike, I am positive you use Miss Silvia, she certainly feels used, but I am 
sure you still respect her in the morning. [grin]
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