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Topic: Sadness in a season of joy! (10 msgs / 247 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
John the JBM Mavis Banks is excellent 
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: John Abbott
Ah sadness, real sadness has settled in over the Abbott home.  The roast
master has just discovered that the entire supply of Kona has dwindled down
to nothing! Alas, the final 250 grams are humming away in the HotTop.  What
will I do?   OK, time to put together an order I guess.   So while I've gone
through 25 pounds of Kona what has struck the rest of the list as exciting
in Tom's current offering?
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3) From: Ben Treichel
Well mike mcKona did say that the Hawaiian Kauai Estate Peaberry No. 1, 
while not a Kona was worth the price. I thought it was a pleasant cup.
John Abbott wrote:

4) From: John Abbott
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Thanks Ben.  OK - I have 5# of HKE Peaberry on the list.  Anyone else got a
really good cup working?

5) From: John Abbott
Thanks Ron - 5# are on the list.  You know, I just spent an hour looking
over my cupping notes and my roasting notes.  I've NEVER done JBM!  Gosh I
thought I had, but couldn't find a single entry. Carolyn says that she
thought we had too, but there's no trail for it.  So now its on the list.

6) From: Ben Treichel
I presume that you have noticed that the Guatemalan Huehuetenango - El 
Injerto Estate, and the Mama Cata are showing low in stock.?
We all know Mama, and why she's almost sold out.
John Abbott wrote:

7) From: R.N.Kyle
Good Choice John, I roasted mine just a few snaps into 2nd crack 13 min =
profile. Yummy.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

8) From: Les & Becky
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For a change of pace, I have been enjoying the India Peaberrry!  It =
pulls a nice shot or Americano.  My current stash of Kona is well over =
30 lbs., so I still have that base covered.  The ISH stash is down to =
just under 8 pounds.  I should be able to pace it out until the next =
offering.  The El Salvador that Tom is offering is one of the better =
centrals IMHO. :>)  

9) From: John Abbott
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            You obviously got more Kona than I did on the last run.  My 25
pounds didnít last long.  I may break my ski mask out and do some financing
and place another order with the ISH group.  I accept your challenge on the
El Salvador being one of the better Centrals and will put it on the list.  I
ím up to 30 pounds so that may be this order.
John Ė trying hard not to covet your ISH

10) From: TFisher511
Good choice with the JBM John. One problem you may have with this coffee is 
that it does not come to life for a full 48 hours after roasting. Roasted 
just up to second crack, it develops a special depth and that wonderful 
Jamaican aftertaste two days later. I think this is part of the low scores it 
gets when roasted, cooled, ground and cupped. It probably won't be special 
(especially $20/# special) just a couple hours after roasting.
The way you like the Kona, I think you will find the JBM pretty exciting.
I was quite impressed with the Nicaragua SHG Organic. If you haven't tried 
it, I think the 84.5 rating it received doesn't make it look as good as it 
Have a great Holiday John, and to all the other truly wonderful coffee snobs 
on the forum.
Terry F
coffee writes:

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