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1) From: Andrew J. Lynn
The next offering will be a batch of my famous old-family-recipe spiced 
pecans.  Im shelling (or should that be de-shelling?) the pecans now and 
I'll be making a batch tonight.  First person to email me off-list gets 
a box sent to them for the cost of shipping, maybe even in time for 
Andy Lynn
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2) From: Andrew J. Lynn
Wow.  That was quite the response.  Hard to judge who was first, but 
from looking at the headers Kona miKe wins by about 15 seconds.
Andy Lynn
Andrew J. Lynn wrote:
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3) From: John Abbott
FIX - FIX - trying to make CSA points!!

4) From: floyd burton
Fresh peeecans I hope-big difference-you probably grow them.  Uh what do u
put in spiced peeecans-sounds good.

5) From: Tonya Connell
Yeah, I am not even trying to get CSA points because I have dark Chocolate
covered Almonds that I AM NOT sharing!!  I am a women and we don't share
Chocolate....its in the Bible.......  ;)

6) From: TFisher511
Way to go MiKe, but don't let your guard down. Next time...... yep..... next 
time. I am sure they will be good.
Terry F
Had to be a real close second?
alynn2378 writes:

7) From: Mike McGinness
Spiced candied pecans for the Holidays, yumm. Thanks Andy.
It's not excess coffee gear but in the spirit of the Holidays I'm offering
1/2# new crop Kona greens. Your choice Kona Mountain Fancy OR Blue Sky #1 OR
1/4# of each. (NO John, not 1/2# of each!) Wait, I can't or shouldn't off
that, sorry. It could be considered conflicting with Tom's greens sales.
Ok, since we're on a nuts side track how 'bout 1/2# raw Macadamia nuts (not
wholes, I brought back 3# pieces for cooking etc. I made a pineapple
macadamia nut up-side-down coconut rum cake last weekend for a party,
another major yumm. Great with Kona coffee! :-)
MM;-) aka Kona Krazy miKe mcKoffee
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
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8) From: Mike McGinness
Oh yeah, forgot, first to reply off-list gets 'em! MM;-)

9) From: floyd burton
That Mac nut upsidedown coconut rum cake sounds orgasmic-is the recipe on
line by chance.  Every once in a whille I do a choc mac nut torte-no
flour-just chocolate and mac nuts-buzz some up as binder for choc-mac nuts
serve as crust-oh wonderful.

10) From: Les & Becky
That reply is worth at least 50 CSA points.

11) From: Les & Becky
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
Mike has broad band high speed at home, plus he works for the computer =
industry.  The only way we will have a chance is if he is out tending =
his BBQ or is rock'n his Rosto out in the gararge!

12) From: TFisher511
We must be going off topic here just a little because it sounds like we are 
getting into Chocolate Snobs Anonymous. I thought this was a Coffee Snob 
forum?   :>)
Terry F
 nimrod writes:

13) From: susan oppenheim
gg Mike
you deserve it
"Andrew J. Lynn" wrote:
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