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1) From: R.N.Kyle
Welcome to the list Rich.
nice variety of roasters. I roast with a FR+, a WB original, and a WBII, =
 My least favorite is the FR+ (small capacity) the next is WBII can do =
1/4 lb ( requires shaking up to 1st crack, for bean movement) My roaster =
of choice is the WB original, easy does 1/4 lb (wt after roasting) or =
about 138 grams of greens.
The FR+ can be controlled by turning the timer back to cool and then =
back to heat.
The WBII has a center off 3 way switch to control the roast
The WB original is the simple to modify. just remove the bottom  and the =
metal plate. remove the red wire (fan wire) from the switch side and put =
it on the always hot (power cord) this allows the switch to cut the =
heater on and off. when you plug it in the fan stays on until you unplug =
it . the switch controls the heater only. 
Temps to shoot for using a Paloze 550 temp thermometer.
first crack 350 to 400 hold 400 to 420 thru first crack, raise temp 10 =
degrees / min. to reach 2 crack at 450, I shoot for 5 to 6 min. from 1st =
pop of 1st crack to the end of the roast. I usually roast just into 2nd =
crack, or just through first but not into 2nd. total roast time 11 to 13 =
including 2 min cool down. at 250 degrees I stop roaster and dump into a =
hope this helps.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Rich Adams
OK...this is addicting.
I got a popper from the local thrift store last week, basically a 1200 watt
JCPenny model.  3 bucks.  I couldn't wait for my WB or the WBII or the FR to
arrive.  It worked.  It roasts fast, like 5 minutes to second crack.  I
roasted all Friday night.  When my roasted coffee was gone and I had to
resort to some local stuff, wow, what a difference, no surprise there I'm
sure, the stuff that I thought tasted good now tastes stale and nasty.
The other day I found a FR on ebay for $50, nib.  It arrived today.  I will
be using it tonight.
I am almost embarrassed (I read the archives) to admit that my first batch
of green beans came from Hearthware, but to my defense they were ordered
before I discovered this list and it's archives but I did place an order
with Tom for his 8 half pound sampler and a various bunch of other pounds.
I have the ability to make any of the poppers into a profiler (is that the
right word?) with a variable voltage control to the heater elements wired
separately from the fan.  I would like to hear some of you experienced WB
roasters as to temperatures you strive for with the particular bean in mind.
I am thinking of performing this mod on the original WB and leaving the WBII
alone for now.  But like I said, I have the FR to play with now. If FR
roasters can share any insights/tips along with what's at SM I would
appreciate it.
That's about it for now.
Rich Adams
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3) From: R.N.Kyle
Rich, I usually roast 65 grams no rocking needed, and 85 grams needs =
some rocking , in the FR+
WBII 114 gars and shake up and down till the bean lighten up from the =
moisture lose.
you should be able to roast 65 to85  grams in the FR.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

4) From: Rich Adams
Thanks Ron.  That was quite helpful.
My SM beans arrived!!.....
I see what you what you mean about the FR.  The picture on SM shows their
recommended filling level.  Geez, that picture really don't show there isn't
much left of the container below that.  I get about 40grams to that
"halfway" line.  My first batch was per box instructions and used one scoop,
set on 3 and the roast was very uneven.  Eyeballed the recommended filling
line, weighed it at 40grams and just made all the following roasts at 40g.
Seems there is barely any agitation in the very beginning.
It also seems I get better agitation half way through the cycle if I tilt
the unit.
Other then that I had fun, probably will give the "supplied" coffee away and
roast some of SMs today.
Also got some Cooper thermometers.

5) From: Ben Treichel
Rich Adams wrote:
are you sure about that? I routinely run my at around 80 grams. That 
just doesn't seem right, even if you don't have a FR+.
Somebody (J.A. ?) mentioned 3 pennies underneath. It does seem to make a 
Roast them for practice, all the way from real light to charcoal. Good 

6) From: Rich Adams

7) From: Ben Treichel
I just weighed out 84 grams of Blue Sky Kona and I'm sitting level with 
the bottom of the band. My chamber is ~ 4.5 inches tall with the top of 
the metal band at ~2 inches. How does that compare to yours?
Rich Adams wrote:

8) From: Rich Adams

9) From: Ben Treichel
I think you can basically update by buying the roasting chamber and go 
with bigger batches,
Rich Adams wrote:

10) From: John Abbott
I own FR and FR+ (among others) roasters and there is more than just a
chamber difference. The top for the FR+ has a larger grid screen which
doesn't clog like the FR lid, the FR+ Has no vents or vent controls.  I
routinely ran 113gram loads in my FR+ (before running 265 gram loads in the
HT) and there is NO WAY the FR could pull that load.
John - the retiring type

11) From: Rich Adams
Thanks Ben.
Yes John, I knew about the screen from Ron on an earlier post.  So I take it
the base units are the same?  I haven't used the vent control, just been
leaving it on *light*, but I guess the vent was a bad idea from them?  It
seems this base's fan isn't strong enough to push around the quantity
recommended in the instructions as is and I can only imagine what a bigger
chambers contents would look like while roasting........when I watch these
roasts sometimes I see beans go by that are quite dark on one side and still
green on the other.
There is 118vac at the source.
I did two roasts where I stirred during the first minute, right when the
chaff started to really fly is when I stopped stirring and capped it.  I
compared those roasts to the previous and to me they look a lot more even.
Heh,,now I can't wait for the WB to show up.
Thanks John, Ron, Ben

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